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Topic: VDJ with Serato Rane SL1, windows 10 & Pioneer CDJ1000 - ASIO won't work?

Totally new to any dj setup. A mate has moved in and has brought 2 Pioneer CDJ1000s mk2 and mk3, and a Serato Rane SL1, into my living room. We've got it working on two different windows 10 machines with Serato Scratch Live, no bother, using timecode cds..

When trying to use one of the same windows 10 machines with VDJ 7 (only tried one so far), the SL1 simply isn't recognised. When I go to sound setup, I think I need:

Inputs = single timecode
Outputs = external mixer
Sound card = ASIO Driver - - - - - - - - But this just isn't there.

I've tried to install the ASIO driver through Scratch Live, to no avail, including running as administrator.

I have a Realtek sound card.

And a headache.

Please help.

Posted Wed 14 Nov 18 @ 9:49 pm
Why on earth are you using VDJ 7? You've got a current OS on your computer(s), so presumably your computers are new. You should be running the latest build of VDJ 8.

You say that SSL is working, so presumably you've got the SL1 ASIO driver installed and you're using this via SSL?

If that's the case (i.e. your computer & Windows recognises the SL1 and the driver) then there's no reason why VDJ shouldn't see it. Any audio interface that your OS recognises is (should be) accessible in VDJ.

Posted Wed 14 Nov 18 @ 10:05 pm
I am trying to use VDJ7 because that's what I have. Wanna buy this newbie a copy of the latest VDJ? I can't use the new Serato software as it won't work with the SL1. Yes, I have SSL working with the ASIO driver. I thought perhaps I needed different drivers for the different software.

Posted Wed 14 Nov 18 @ 10:22 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
If you have a license for VDJ 7, then you can use it for VDJ 8 as well without extra cost.

If you don't have a license for VDJ 7, then you can't use that either with timecode.

Posted Thu 15 Nov 18 @ 4:28 am
Bonjour j aurait voulu savoir si la carte son rane sl1 passe sur virtual dj 8 car je n arrive pas a la faire fonctionner merci

Posted Fri 07 Dec 18 @ 4:00 pm