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Topic: Sounds problem - Page: 2
The problem has solved i think. The matter is - my laptop had ssd (for system and mostly useable mp3 track) and hdd for another files. Both ssd and hdd completely fine, i've cheked it with few utilities. But i think, there still was some problem with it. I have tried to reinstall windows and vdj first time, and it didn't help. Then, i replace my ssd and hdd with one new 1tb ssd, reinstall system again and it seems problem solved. 3 parties in a row - and no sounds lags! I'm happy again).
Maybe this experience will help to someone else.

Posted Thu 07 Feb 19 @ 5:25 am

Btw, is it possible here, on this forum, to delete the wrong post?

Posted Thu 07 Feb 19 @ 5:28 am
Thank you all. Vdj is still the best software!)

Posted Thu 07 Feb 19 @ 5:30 am
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