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Topic: Does Virtual DJ have anything like a fade cue?
So there is this software called Flow8Deck that I tried briefly (too many bugs) ... anyway, it had a feature where you could jump to a cue point, but instead of going there instantly the way "goto_cue" does, you could set a 1,2,4 bar-mix premix so that it does something "like a cross fade" but on the same track so that it's not so abrupt. See this video for an example of what I'm talking about

Does VDJ8 or a plugin have any thing like that?

Posted Wed 10 Oct 18 @ 1:54 am
I haven't seen it as a feature/plugin, but you can script it in VDJ

I don't think you can "be 2 places in the same deck at the same time" as you may need to fade from one place to another in the track
- but since VDJ has 99 decks to choose from, you can clone to an unused deck, go to a new cue on that deck, go something like 4 bars back on the deck, make a fade out/in to that deck, and clone back

In this example I use hot cue 2 as my "place to go" (so it would be a "fade to hot cue 2 function"), and deck 2 as my temp deck, so it's easy to see what's going on:

deck 2 level 0% & deck 2 clone_from_deck 1 & deck 2 goto_cue 2 & deck 2 goto -4 & repeat_start_instant 'waitforit' 100ms 20 & deck 1 level -5% & deck 2 level +5% & deck 2 level 100% ? deck 1 clone_from_deck 2 & deck 2 level 0% & deck 1 level 100% & deck 2 unload

Here is a video showing the result:

The script can probably be generalized more so you don't need a new script for each deck you want it to work on
You could also use something like goto_cue +1 to make it pick the next cue point instead of a specific cue point

Posted Wed 10 Oct 18 @ 5:50 am
Thanks, I'll have to explore that more :)

Posted Tue 23 Oct 18 @ 2:34 pm