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Topic: Problem: Song can only start 5 seconds before music starts
Hey there, I would like to "move" the beginning of a song to the future. Not sure how to explain it better, but I want the song to start playing at -30sec for example. That way I have 30sec to sync the new song to the playing one without losing the beginning of the song. Unfortunately it is only possible to move it back to -5 seconds... Is there a way to change that setting?

Thank you,


Posted Fri 14 Sep 18 @ 10:24 pm

Posted Fri 14 Sep 18 @ 10:55 pm
Mix into a loop instead, and then release the loop when everything matches and you are ready to mix

Posted Sat 15 Sep 18 @ 12:02 am
Enable Loop Back. Read the manual.

Posted Sat 15 Sep 18 @ 2:52 am
Loop Back Mode doesn't solve this, unfortunately... I've been sitting on this for about 5 hours now, I am sure it was possible a month ago. Also looked into the manual but I can't find anything about it.

This is the only thing I find about it online:

Unfortunately, there is no solution on that thread... Any other ideas? :/

Posted Sat 15 Sep 18 @ 5:28 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
If you start a loop in this 5 seconds, you can keep that loop playing as long as you like.

Posted Sat 15 Sep 18 @ 5:48 am
But I would like to synchronize the ending of the laat song to the beginning of the new one. And I would like to have more than 5seconds to do that.

So a loop won't help me here...

Posted Sat 15 Sep 18 @ 6:49 am
Read what Adion said...
Adion wrote :
you can keep that loop playing as long as you like

Posted Sat 15 Sep 18 @ 7:41 am
A loop will not help me, because if the ending of the last song is still 45sec in the future, I cannot align the beginning of the next song with that ending. I can only do that once the last song only got 5 seconds left to play. Even with a loop.

Posted Sat 15 Sep 18 @ 7:59 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006

Posted Sat 15 Sep 18 @ 8:08 am
Yes, that will be the option I have to use I guess... I would've liked to do it manually though, but at this point I am not comfortable enough to get everything set up in 5seconds...

I am sure it worked a month ago, but maybe I was just dreaming...

A little bit more background to this, I like to mix radio edits together, but with some of them there are no points without vocals, so mixing "in" the track is not possible. (At least not for me,maybe in the future it will be

Posted Sat 15 Sep 18 @ 8:41 am
I am having trouble grasping exactly what it is you're trying to do here...

Back when we only had vinyl, DJs managed to mix tracks together just fine. There was no looping, no computers, and certainly no "moving songs into the future" (whatever that means).

Oh, hang on a sec. Maybe you should investigate the sandbox function. Perhaps that's what you're looking for?

Posted Sat 15 Sep 18 @ 10:45 am
Okay, so let's assume despacito is playing right now, and I want to start Macarena right at the end of Despacito. No Loops or whatever involved, Despacito stops and Macarena starts right away.
My problem is that if I want to do this manually, I have to "move" the beginning of Macarena to the future, press play, align the end of beginning and just let it run.

See this picture:
In this picture both songs are running already and there is no more action needed to "mix" them into each other. (Not really mixing involved, but whatever...)

So if I want to do it that way, I only have 5seconds to align both songs, because moving it back further is not possible.

What I would like to do, is this:

See that Macarenas elapsed time is at -25.1seconds right now. It is possible to move the waiveform using the computer mouse, but once I push play it will start playing from -5 seconds...

Posted Sun 16 Sep 18 @ 7:03 pm
DJ Maaaaaaaaaax wrote :
I have to "move" the beginning of Macarena to the future

No you don't. You simply wait until Despacito ends, then press play on Macarena.

DJs don't move anything "to the future". They just wait until the correct moment, then hit play.

Posted Sun 16 Sep 18 @ 7:31 pm
Yes, that would be the other option, but as I work for a language travel organisation where we have dances to specific songs(not only the famois macarena dance, but also other dances which start right at the beginning of the song), I would like to set everything up and still have 30 seconds to run back to the crowd to start the dance with them right at the beginning.

But I guess I need to use automix to accomplish that with VirtualDJ...

Posted Sun 16 Sep 18 @ 7:46 pm
You have a strange way of working I have never heard of before.

Posted Sun 16 Sep 18 @ 7:48 pm
Well.. Thanks I guess :P Never said my way of "work" was a "normal" one.

The problem still exists (at least for me).

Posted Sun 16 Sep 18 @ 7:51 pm
If you need to be on the floor, there's always the VDJ Remote app. Also, things like the Numark Orbit.

You will also need a Pro license if you're using VDJ professionally.

Posted Sun 16 Sep 18 @ 8:13 pm
I know :P But the remote app still doesn't help me to get over the, let's call it "5 seconds problem".

So far I am still a beginner, everything I said about "working" with VirtualDJ are plans for the future. It's just a summer job, so I will have a few more month before I would actually use it "professionally".

Also, I have seen that other programs allow you to move songs further, but I'll have to look into their other features before I decide which program to pay for in the end.

Posted Sun 16 Sep 18 @ 8:24 pm
This is exactly what auto mix is for. You'd only be pressing play anyways, what's the difference???

On dancefloor with crew, go to DJ box pick next song load it into automix, go back to dance floor. All that you're not doing is skipping the track back and 1 button press. You're not going to be behind the both when it mixes anyways. It not playing and it playing the silence is exactly the same thing. Although with the grid zoomed out you could make fine adjustments to how it would end up transitioning, using the visual reference of the grid. Using the editor to add the mix points being the other alternative wouldn't give you that advantage, as not beat mixing, the start points of fades would be different for each unique transition.

I suppose there's no harm in them adding it if it's easy enough to code. Possibly even been able to zoom away from the play head, the end parts of the track. But, for what you're doing the quick fade of automix should be good enough. If not, you might want to consider 'time line' style dj software, not recommended!

Posted Mon 17 Sep 18 @ 1:59 am