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Topic: running VDJ under UBUNTU LINUX anyone else?
hello everybody, my question is has any other DJ'S used this configuration? and if so what were your pro's and cons? all inquires welcome!

Posted Thu 16 Aug 18 @ 3:49 pm
djmrmcPRO InfinityMember since 2009
One post about this is enough yeah?

Posted Thu 16 Aug 18 @ 3:51 pm
Linux is not a support OS. You’ll need either Windows (natively) or MAC OS to use Virtual DJ properly.

Posted Thu 16 Aug 18 @ 3:58 pm
Even IF VirtualDj could run under Linux, you wouldn't find drivers for any controller in order to use it more efficiently.

Posted Fri 17 Aug 18 @ 1:08 pm
I would disagree that Virtual DJ needs native Windows or Mac OS to work. I have it running without issues on Ubuntu 18.04. The only thing that becomes an issue is controller support.

If you want to give it a go all you need is to install wine & winetricks. Once Wine has been installed open up command line and type in winetricks, once opened 'Select the default Wine Prefix' --> Change settings --> scroll to sound=alsa, check the box then OK. Close out winetricks.

Download VDJ 2018 Windows version, open terminal cd to Download and type in 'wine vdj2018....exe' this will install as it would on windows.

Enjoy... bypassing the pulseaudio and using just ALSA works a dream.

I would suggest changing the default skin though V8 for Fruit is great.

Posted Thu 13 Sep 18 @ 7:08 pm
mylinuxHome userMember since 2018

please could describe how you solve the DirectX and Graphic card driver request error message.

Thank you

alias Michael S.

Posted Wed 26 Dec 18 @ 1:59 pm
Thank you DJPIPES_DISCO ...All seems clear and well applied by myself exept he end : "and type in 'wine vdj2018....exe' this will install as it would on windows. " could you explain me the process in your quoted sentence : I'm just a beginner on Linux, many thanks for your reply . Pacifique231

Posted Sat 19 Jan 19 @ 6:53 pm
Firstly download Virtual DJ for Windows. You will notice it is an MSI file.
Open a terminal and type the following

cd Downloads

You will see the install_virtualdj*.msi file listed. Now install VirtualDJ using this command

Wine Start install_virtualdj*.msi

Follow the instructions on the screen to install Virtual DJ.

If you do not have winetricks install it using this command

Sudo apt install winetricks

Open winetricks and go to the sound settings and change the sound driver to ALSA apply and close winetricks.

Now run Virtual DJ.

Posted Sun 15 Mar 20 @ 3:08 pm

Does it run any good? curious.. :)

Posted Tue 17 Mar 20 @ 2:57 pm
how can i download virtual Dj in Lubuntu 19.10 please help

Posted Wed 08 Apr 20 @ 12:41 am
Virtual DJ is installed but crashes everytime I load a song to the player. Also text doesn't show in virtual dj.

Posted Wed 20 May 20 @ 9:37 pm
Make sure that all sound in Wine is ported directly through ALSA, this will bypass PulseAudio which is probably causing it to crash.

To do this open up a terminal window and type the following:

winetricks sound=alsa

if you do not have winetricks installed type:

sudo apt install winetricks

then: winetricks sound=alsa

Now open VirtualDJ 2020.... it seems to work best with VirtualDJ 2020 32-bit version. Downloading VirtualDJ 2021 seems to have graphics driver issues.

Furthermore to get video to run smoothly without jitter, open up winetricks gui,

select default wine prefix -- OK
Install a Windows DLL or Component -- OK

Tick the following:

d9vk - The latest vulkan graphics drivers

Click OK and wait for the install to happen. Ensure to click OK on error message dialogue boxs to allow winetricks to apply fixes.

Now close winetricks and open up VDJ 2020.

I am working on a fix for VDJ 2021 64-bit..

Oh and BTW Numark NV controller is now working with Ubuntu 20.04 (+Varients) apart from the video screens.

If a developer is reading this please release a native version for Linux. The ALSA sound driver is so much more powerful and clear than on Windows, plus there is less resources hogging the CPU...

Posted 5 days ago @ 12:59 am
Imacallerster wrote :
Virtual DJ is installed but crashes everytime I load a song to the player. Also text doesn't show in virtual dj.

Id advise you get the 32 bit VDJ2020 version

Posted 2 days ago @ 11:50 am