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Topic: Can't Download New Virtual Dj 2018

where can I download the new virtual dj 2018 on my licenses page the link for downloading the set up doesn't appears anymore.
autoupdate doesn't always work I have a slow connection.

can I simply download from the link that appears on the front page of the site?

Posted Tue 17 Jul 18 @ 6:44 pm
Yes, just download the normal version and it activates your licence when you log in.

There is no special version per licence like VDJ7.

Posted Tue 17 Jul 18 @ 6:48 pm

Posted Wed 18 Jul 18 @ 2:02 am
Just Curious, why did they removed the download links from the licenses page?

Posted Wed 18 Jul 18 @ 2:02 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
V7 was many different softwares using the same name with v8 home software becomes pro when you log in

Posted Wed 18 Jul 18 @ 4:14 am