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Topic: Text Issues with Mac... - Page: 2
Title of this thread was changed by me, per request of the owner of the plug in.

Posted Fri 20 Jul 18 @ 9:43 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
The problem was found, and was specific to mac. It will be fixed in the next update.

Posted Fri 20 Jul 18 @ 9:51 am
Except the problem that I reported, which I did not know if related or not, happens on a PC.

Thank you for changing the thread name :)

Posted Fri 20 Jul 18 @ 10:00 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
I didn't check your problem yet, but I don't think it's related.

Posted Fri 20 Jul 18 @ 10:10 am
It is your problem :) I was just the messenger. That problem is probably related to the age old vob problem where the audio starts before video. I don't care if those videos play correctly in VDJ mind you. Just samples, that show problems when played in VDJ to help you diagnose, and play fine in other players. I think anoha still has problems on it's own besides the text thing but I am out of gas with the vob/mpg thing.

The Text plugin has to be running on the deck the video is on to see the problem. Works ok on master. Plugins running on a deck with a video playing is still a mess of course. You distort the plugins display based on the internal size of the video and only let the plugin update at the FPS of the video. You should fix these for better usefulness of decks.

Posted Fri 20 Jul 18 @ 10:16 am
Sorry guys didn't mean to mislead anyone the thread started out with me asking someone to make television to work on a Mac because of the issue thank you for making the change looking forward to the update

Posted Fri 20 Jul 18 @ 4:06 pm
Quite alright tony. I started to answer about TV on mac, but then the thread took a different path. TV and TM are complex but they are nothing compared to what I really want. I have slowly been rewriting all the code, to make it portable and much more powerful, and not taking the easy way out with that. One thing is that at some point TV and TM as they are now will be discontinued some day. My goal is to combine what they do into something better. I have to work to earn a living and if you know anything about programming then you know it is time consuming. Much of the time I am knee deep in some other project unrelated to the plugins.

Doing a video display that is interesting for people to watch is not easy. Many of you are probably great at audio and doing the normal DJ thing, but are not so good at producing entertaining visual displays. I am technical person and I know I would have a time trying to produce quality visuals that keep things interesting several days a week. I have seen it done first hand though and that goes way beyond what I could come up with.

As it stands many here want only the most basic of things for their video display. Geeze, it's like you might say I just want this simple text thing and then I will be happy. Or WOW I can just use this or that shader or whatever. I could be wrong but I just can't image that holds much interest for your guest.

Keep complaining as that is a good thing when it is constructive.

Posted Fri 20 Jul 18 @ 10:13 pm
Hey I know they are looking for a fix. They say they have investigated and will be releasing an update for the mac version that will fix this issue. I asked if there is any update? the response was not yet as the build with the fix is in beta status and those are not released to the general public.

My Question is do we have a ballpark how long something like this will take. (days ,weeks, months, or (I know I am impatient) and I do not want them to rush and not fix the hole thing or forget something. I just would like a estimated so i can if i need to remap my controller or just wait. A guy can hope

Posted Tue 24 Jul 18 @ 11:55 pm
The bottom line is, there is no timeline. As stated it's in beta. However, VirtualDJ has a good track record in regards to fixes that are in beta.

Posted Wed 25 Jul 18 @ 7:34 pm
Ok thank you

Posted Wed 25 Jul 18 @ 9:14 pm
You're welcome.

Posted Wed 25 Jul 18 @ 9:18 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
The fix is available in build 4504, which is currently in early access

Posted Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 11:47 am
I installed the early access 4504 and it did not fix can we do a screen share

Posted Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 4:45 pm
I tried it with and without The Controller

Posted Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 4:47 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Can you try to describe step by step what you did?

Here's what I tried and was working fine for me:
-Load video file on deck 1
-Select Text effect on deck 1 effect drop down
-Activate Text effect on deck 1
-Write some text

The text shows on the screen, both when video is paused and deck is playing.

Posted Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 7:12 pm
Try both ways when you start text with video or after

Posted Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 7:33 pm
I have done exactly the same
I am on a Mac Yosemite 10.10.5

Posted Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 7:38 pm
Please help

Posted Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 7:44 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Try to make a screen recording perhaps to show the issue?

Posted Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 7:45 pm
Do not know how to Record but if you have the capability to screen share I can show you

Posted Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 7:49 pm