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Topic: The biggest problem for Virtual DJ is..... - Page: 2
Ah but the software isn't called Serato - that's the company.

The current software is called DJ Pro. Before, it was just called DJ. Prior to that was Itch and Scratch Live. None were called Serato.

A quick Google tells me that the name was concocted by the founding members (doesn't mean anything, just a company name), but it's also apparently a surname.

Posted Fri 22 Jun 18 @ 7:06 pm
No one says that they use DJ Pro, Itch, Scratch, Live or any other configuration. Those names by themselves mean nothing in the real world. They don't even say it as a surname. None of us say it either. We all say...……….My point is, who really gives a doo doo. Apparently, some DJ's feel that it does mean something. That's OK by me, I have always said, use whatever works best for you, and stop crying about the other things. It's like you getting a new iPhone, and crying because I got a new Note 8. Stop crying and make a phone call already.

Posted Fri 22 Jun 18 @ 7:30 pm
I don't think the main cause of VDJ's reputation problem is the look or the name. The biggest problem in my opinion is that VDJ can be downloaded for free, so a lot of young dj's who are just starting out use VDJ.

There are also a lot of people who aren't dj's, but still have VDJ installed on their computer. I've had multiple guests come up to me and tell me they have the same software on their computer.

They don't know that their version of VDJ can't be used with a controller, and they also don't know the pro version of VDJ costs 3 times as much as other dj software...

Posted Wed 25 Jul 18 @ 9:20 pm
I don't worry about VirtualDJ's reputation, I let them worry about that. I don't think they are staying up all night worrying either. The truth of the matter is, I'm making money using their software, and have never paid another dime for any new features or upgrades. If they go out of business tomorrow, I will still be working Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights this week. As for people telling me they have the same software at home, I let them know that it's the home version, and they can't do what I do. Besides, I'm making money and you are standing here watching me. You know what I worry about? Did I take my blood pressure medication, you know silly stuff like that. I did not remember, so thanks for this post.

Posted Wed 25 Jul 18 @ 9:58 pm
the wheels on the post go round and round...
and get repeated every few months/years

a quick search might have shown how many times this has been brought up.

and YOU. yes you. don't have another heart attack. we'd miss your cheerful self.

Posted Thu 26 Jul 18 @ 1:04 am
Thanks for the laugh.

Posted Fri 27 Jul 18 @ 6:25 am
All software is "virtual!" All your music & videos in your hard drive are also "virtual." There's nothing tangible about software in a hard drive. There was a time when DJs had to carry records and dvds, along with heavy equipment to play their media. Today anyone with a laptop, controller, and software can go out there and be a "professional" DJ/VJ and maybe even get paid a professional fee. That's all thanks to innovation!

I'm extremely grateful for that innovation because I no longer have to carry as much heavy equipment as I used to. Eventually people mature (due to experience) and they begin to look at things differently. When choosing software the most important thing to consider is stability. After that, features! One of the best feature is that one can use skins that match the controller. What an amazing concept! The audience or customer has no idea of what software I'm using. All they care about is how I play & mix music & videos seamlessly. This is a feature rich software that allows me to be creative and choose songs intelligently. I would not change "VirtualDJ" for any other DJ software, even if it were given to me for free.

In my early years as a "VirtualDJ" supporter, I shared my expertise with many Mobile DJs around the country. I even taught a few DJs how to use it. Today, the software is the best choice for Mobile DJs around the world. Don't let the haters influence your choice. Finally, follow the advice of leaders and not followers.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the VDJ team for their continued improvement of their amazing creation and wish them the very best in the future.

Posted Fri 27 Jul 18 @ 10:29 am
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