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I just installed my pro version on to my new laptop the 2020 version
i'm not able to find milkdrop to download . plz suggest .

Posted Mon 14 Oct 19 @ 2:55 am
locoDogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
There is no x64 version of milkdrop as of yet, you'll need to use the x86 version for vdj if you want to keep using milkdrop

Posted Mon 14 Oct 19 @ 2:59 am

Posted Mon 14 Oct 19 @ 3:00 am
I Totally Agree!!! i did this fix and worked instantly!!! (Installing older ActiveX on win 10)

jamaicazulu wrote :
This is definitely an older version. The version says 1.01 and the DLL file is dated 2014. It does not appear to work with VDJ8. Even though it downloads as an exe it fails. I was able to unzip the download to get the files and folders, but once they were added to the plugins folder milkdrop shows up in my list of visualization choices but it does not work. Can someone from the team please update this file to the correct version?

I checked the discussion for milkdrop8 which you can no longer find as an available plugin. There was an entry that mentioned needing to have Microsoft DirectX installed. It had this link included in the post,


I went to Microsofts site and downloaded the DirectX plugin, installed it and Milkdrop magically started working. Hope this helps you guys out.


Posted Sat 27 Jun 20 @ 7:05 am
is there a 64bit version in progress at all? and if not if i wanna go to 32 bit version what do i loose when i running 64 bit currently?

Posted Thu 09 Jun 22 @ 11:34 pm
locoDogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

Posted Fri 10 Jun 22 @ 12:14 am
oh ok...ya i do music videos.. does it show a difference from 32 to 64?

ah ok ill check out link i guess its hard to write software for 64 bit? as its been a few years... next i have to see about show logo the placing pic in the sampler buttons isnt cutting it for me ):

Posted Fri 10 Jun 22 @ 11:51 am