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Topic: When bringing in a new Drum & bass track should I kill the bass of the other track simultaneously ?
Some people say to kill the bass of 1 track totally as the new bassline comes in but I have tried this and it sounds way to trebley and tinny and I feel that it's not right, what do you guys do ? Suggest ? I am at the moment decreasing the playing track by 25% ad the new track I bring in by 40-50%, then increasing it gradually as I start to lower the other track


Posted Tue 10 Apr 18 @ 6:50 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
No kill the bass, if you're sounding too much on the tops drop the tops or nurse the upfader or apply a LPF

Posted Tue 10 Apr 18 @ 7:09 pm
As was said in the other thread you started (why have you opened a new one?) there are no hard and fast rules. If you don't feel like killing the bass is the right thing to do, then don't do it!

Don't pay attention to anything or anyone that says you have to do this or that when mixing. The only thing you do need to keep an eye on is staying out of the red.

Posted Tue 10 Apr 18 @ 7:19 pm
Ok, understood, sorry to start another thread, I just wanted the title to be related to my question. I always stay well out of the red, I usually go about 2 orange above green, possibly 3 but never 4 and that's well well below red , thanks

Posted Tue 10 Apr 18 @ 7:42 pm