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Topic: ASCAP/BMI for the Venue
nickbrecPRO SubscriberMember since 2013
So, a few bars that I've been playing in have approached me about the legality of playing my music in their venue. I use the Content Unlimited service for Karaoke, Audio and Video. I know that my music is legitimate because of this purchase and that I am not responsible for AMI/ASCAP. That's on the venue. But these owners are asking me if they need such licensing for the music I perform. The question is, even though my music is purchased from Virtual DJ, does the venue still need to have an ASCAP/BMI license for my performance? What I assume, is that my license with Content Unlimited covers ME but doesn't cover the bar for the public performance because they're benefiting from the performance. Same as if they bought a CD, the music is legit, but to play it in public, they need ASCAP/BMI. Can someone clarify this?

Posted Sun 18 Mar 18 @ 6:36 pm

Posted Sun 18 Mar 18 @ 7:17 pm
nickbrecPRO SubscriberMember since 2013
Yes, but do they have to have it for me to play there with my music licensed through VDJ?

Posted Sun 18 Mar 18 @ 7:53 pm
as near as i can decipher from reading all the legalese - any and all audible licensed media played in a venue is the responsibility of the venue - even if it's media being played from your computer from whatever source you purchased it from

Posted Sun 18 Mar 18 @ 10:30 pm
nickbrec wrote :
Yes, but do they have to have it for me to play there with my music licensed through VDJ?

The simple answer is yes, they have to the license, period. This has nothing to do with you. The only exception is people playing their own music. If someone else's music is being played in any venue, recorded or live, the venue has to have the license. I'm talking about venues that are making a profit. If you are worried, contact a lawyer. He will charge you for the same info I just gave you.

Posted Wed 21 Mar 18 @ 5:28 am