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Topic: How to make react the video effects of VDJ?
I would like to make react the video effects of VDJ (such as Spectrum, Milkdrop, ...) to the sound, not of the titles that I play in VDJ, but to the sound picked up by the microphone of my PC (with the music of a another DJ or another computer).

With an application like Freestyler and "Sound to light", I manage to react the program to the music picked up by the microphone by selecting the sound card of my PC.

But with VDJ, I can select the sound card of my pc on the microphone input ... but no reaction with Spectrum, Milkdrop ...

How to do?

Posted Wed 14 Mar 18 @ 7:52 pm

I finally managed to react the video effects with external sounds by choosing the microphone input (I had just forgotten to put the microphone on "On" on the skin in the Master tab.

But it only works when I use only VirtualDJ with the internal sound card of my PC.
When I plugged 2 CDJ on USB (I select Pioneer Asio soundcards for my turntables 1 and 2), I select the microphone in addition to input, it does not detect any more external sounds ?!

Does anyone have an idea?

Posted Tue 20 Mar 18 @ 12:23 pm
If you're using two CDJs as controllers and audio outputs then presumably you have VDJ set to "external mixer", with the CDJs audio plugged into a real hardware mixer?

In that case (not using the VDJ mixer) of course the mic input is not active - because the mic input uses the VDJ mixer.

Posted Tue 20 Mar 18 @ 12:30 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
If you are playing from the cdj's, the effects should still get the sound from the active deck and thus respond to it.

If you are not playing from the cdj's and still want the effects to get sound, you could either add a line input instead of mic to your audio setup and use the line in button on the decks to use it, or add a master output to your audio setup on top of the cdj outputs. (This master output would also include the sound of the mic if the mic input is enabled)

Posted Tue 20 Mar 18 @ 12:38 pm