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Topic: How in the heck do you change Filter resonance?
Just bought a Numark NV and upgraded my basic setup

I managed to successfully import a filter, however that's been mapped to FX1/2 which isnt ideal, and that's only high pass.

I want to change the Filter Resonance in VDJ, because the stock one is driving me bonkers.

Any help? Sorry, I am totally new over from Serato. Im liking VDJ better, and wanting just to improve the filter!

Posted Thu 08 Mar 18 @ 4:17 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Its in settings>options search for filter.
You can pick 3 presets (weak medium, strong) or you can type your own value in there between 0.0 & 1.0
You can also map a dial to adjust this setting on the fly, I'll show you the script when I get 5 minutes later in the day.

@klaus might be time for a quick vid on this somewhat regular topic.

Posted Thu 08 Mar 18 @ 4:42 am
Good idea. I'll put it on my list

Posted Thu 08 Mar 18 @ 6:09 am
ahh man super hero thanks!

does the mapping change it further?

your suggestion worked perfect and improved the filter! thanks!

Posted Sat 10 Mar 18 @ 6:08 am
locodog wrote :
Its in settings>
@klaus might be time for a quick vid on this somewhat regular topic.

Here it is:

Posted Sat 10 Mar 18 @ 7:28 am
This is great Klaus.

Thanks guys.

However, it does appear that 1.0 is "not" the max. Would that be safe to say? It sounds like you can make it stronger if you go up in number count. 10 vs 50 does not seem any different, but compare 50 vs 1 and it does have more high pass seemingly. Maybe 1.5x the amount?

Klaus, last question on that..... how do you get to the button editor. Right now. my VJD indicates deck left vs right where yours says "custom"

Posted Sat 10 Mar 18 @ 6:52 pm
lincol2PRO InfinityMember since 2011

click on the drop down and select

Posted Sun 11 Mar 18 @ 12:00 am