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Topic: Full Map Before 1000 Anyway that the RX2 will be fully mapped
Waiting on RX2 since RX1 has been fully mapped and not sure if anyone else has this issue. But on The latest ver of VDJ 8.2 the screens work on RX2 as of course the pads do not light up and then there is a freezing issue or sometimes no control of loading a track and its even worse when a video is playing and this is not something you want to happen in the middle of a wedding. Or get the spinning beach ball of death.

Posted Wed 07 Mar 18 @ 7:49 pm
The next version (when it comes) will have full official support for XDJ-RX2 (and DDJ-1000 of course as already announced)

Unfortunately, we had to implement several new functions to make the controller work flawlessly and therefore it's not possible at this moment to update the unofficial mapper to any better degree than it is now.

So, I know that it's not the answer you were hoping for, but you'll have to wait for the next version of VirtualDJ in order to get a fully functional XDJ-RX2

Posted Wed 07 Mar 18 @ 8:47 pm