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Topic: Good dubstep songs to mix.
Dyln992Home userMember since 2017
I want to know some dubstep songs that sound good together and is easy to mix.

I've been looking for good ones for a while but I can't seem to find one.

(I just started to use Virtual DJ so if something doesn't make sense that'll be why.)

Posted Tue 27 Feb 18 @ 1:34 pm
SikTrapControlleristMember since 2018
Try mixing these together

Svdden death - shut me down / zomboy - terror squad
Skrillex - scary monsters and nice sprites / must die! - oni chan
Slushii - take my hand / Minesweepa - machete
Pouya - 1000 Rounds / Nitti Gritti - Crack
Skrillex - Neoprene / Nitti Gritti - In This
Excision - X up / Excision - Exterminate
Getter - Head Splitter / Badklaat - Knuckle Sandwich

Posted Wed 23 Jan 19 @ 7:45 pm
You're responding to a post made nearly a year ago. My guess is he's found something to mix by now...

Posted Wed 23 Jan 19 @ 8:06 pm