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Topic: How to access addon in controller??
I am using numark mixtrack platinum... Here i can only access loops, samples, and hotcues with pad in controller....i don't have any idea how to use external addon pad effects....i just started djing few days ago.... Please help

Posted Sat 24 Feb 18 @ 4:03 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Here is how the Pads behave by default
There are only 3 hardware / button-combinations available to choose the Pad page with the Platinum. These have been assigned to load 3 specific Pad pages.
Do you want to be able to load more than 3 pages with your controller or replace the 3 with different ones ?

There are a few ways in general...
1. Leave the 3 pre-defined ones with their combinations and use the mouse to select a different Pad page. As soon as the page is selected from the GUI, the pads 1 to 8 will reflect the functionality of the Pads on the GUI.

2. Change the mapping of the unit.
E.g. replace the Manual Loop one with the default Loop Roll page..
The action of the Key MANUALLOOP_MODE needs to be changed from..
pad_page 'PL Manual'
pad_page 'Loop Roll'

3. If you want have the ability to load more than 3 Pad pages using your controller, you could make the PADMODE+PAD1 combination (which by default offers the Manual Pad page ) to toggle between the pre-defined Manual page and the Loop Roll page (but you wont have the expected feedback on your controller and you will have to check on the GUI to see which one is selected)
change the action of the Key MANUALLOOP_MODE from..
pad_page 'PL Manual'
pad_page 'PL Manual' ? pad_page 'Loop Roll' : pad_page 'PL Manual'

If you download more custom Pad pages from our Addons pages, then all you need is to use the action .. pad_page 'pagename' where the pagename is the exact name you see when you get the drop-down list of the available Pad pages.
E.g. download the Sampler FX from the needed action is pad_page 'Sampler FX'

Posted Sun 25 Feb 18 @ 11:19 pm