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Topic: Help with pioneer djm900nxs2 booth out
Last week I needed the "rec out" for connecting to a secondary speaker system of the venue.
The rec out worked just fine, but I could not use the booth out volume knob for the monitor speakers.
The booth volume knob did nothing.. Djm was my soundcard in vdj at that moment.
Help? Maybe I need to configure an extra output or something?

Posted Wed 07 Feb 18 @ 4:36 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Nothing to do with VDJ audio setup. If you want to have volume control on a secondary output, you should use the BOOTH Balanced Output at the rear panel
The REC OUT and MASTER 2 Outputs are controlled by the MASTER VOL knob (along with the MASTER XLR of course)

Posted Wed 07 Feb 18 @ 5:32 pm
I already had the feeling it had nothing to do with vdj because djm uses hardware output.
I just double checked. But you're totally right....

I took the master2 output instead of the balanced booth output. Maybe mistaken because my ddj sz has the booth output next to the master...

Sorry my mistake, problem solved.

Thanks for your quick reply

Posted Wed 07 Feb 18 @ 6:17 pm