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Topic: Weird problems with tags
I was wanting to create a playlist so I copied lots of files from various folders into one folder so i don't have to go looking for them. In the original folders, the mp3s have all the information tags. When I copy them into this new created folder, I can still see in file explorer all the information. However, when I open this new folder in virtual dj, only the song name appears, the album and artist fields are blank? This is very annoying as a lot of the songs I can't recognise by their title as they are foreign titles. Anyone any idea what I can do? Cheers in advance.

Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 7:30 pm
Navigate to the folder in VDJ

Select all

Right click > Batch > Reload tags

Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 7:32 pm
Done that. Still nothing,

Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 7:56 pm
this is why you should do all your copping inside VDJ

if you are able make sure all the tags have been written to the files inside VDJ then copy the files within VDJ to the New folder and the tags will be there if you do all that.

Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 8:31 pm
Not sure what you mean. there is no option to copy and paste files within vdj/

Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 8:47 pm
Yes there is.

Read the online manual, it's all in there!

Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 9:16 pm
In VDJ's browser, select a track or tracks. Right click > File operations > Move to.

Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 9:18 pm
weirdly, it is not showing the tahs for mp3s. i put the tracks in as wma and the tags work, which is the opposite of what i was told in here! ah well, it works now. cheers.

Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 10:48 pm