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Topic: Wish: Undo of last click of the mouse/last command/order of playlist...
Hey all,
I thought of one more feature that may be useful is if you accidentally mix up your playlist/automix/sidelist somehow if you could hit (esc) or something that will restore the previous command or order of whatever you had before? I know I have made a playlist and accidentally hit the down arrow on a header and completely rearranged things according to what i clicked and then I would have to rebuild it. Like If I click the "Title" header it would alphabetize the list, or "length" header would arrange them from shortest to longest or whatever... If I could hit an undo it would restore to the previous order it was before I drunkenly misclicked someplace I didn't mean to. It would go back to what I had.

Another way it would be great is if I am in an automix and go to double click a song at the wrong time or the wrong one, it would instantly fade full back and continue playing the original song as if you didn't click.

or If you put a new track into one of the decks, you could undo to the one that was there in whatever condition/position it was at before you loaded/overwrote the deck with a new track...

Just thought I would ask...

DJ Servo

Posted Mon 22 Jan 18 @ 9:33 am