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Topic: American Audio VMS5 Not Fully Working With VDJ 8 correctly.
DJSpateyControlleristMember since 2013
I have recently purchased a new controller. A American Audio VMS5. I have installed the driver (American Audio ASIO Driver 1.25). I have also installed VDJ v8.2b3994.

I have downloaded the drivers several times in case they did not install correctly.

Some of the controls on the controller work and others don't. You can see the buttons that don't work moving on the computer but they have no effect. These are mainly the EQ. buttons such as Gain, Treble, Mid and Bass. The buttons move but have no effect.

Does anyone have any experience of this and how can it be fixed.

I am not sure if it's a driver or a mapping problem.

Can anyone offer a fix please?

Posted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 6:37 pm
In order to get all of the benefits from your controller, you will have to get a license. You can find an option here. You are a home user, which will give you limited access to the functions of your controller. Unless this controller came with a LE version of VirtualDJ, which you did not say. You can also check here, to make sure that you have set up your controller correctly.

Posted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 6:49 pm
DJSpateyControlleristMember since 2013
I am using the American Audio VMS5 (demo 29 day license). I asked VDJ if the controls are limited while using the demo version license. I was told that the demo version has full control. All controls should work on the demo license I was told. I was wondering if the controls are limited until I purchase a full license.

I did use the LE version that came with the controller. It did not work so I downloaded VDJ8 to see if the problem would fix.

VDJ told me the Demo version on VDJ8 should have full control. Now I don't know what to do.

Posted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 7:01 pm
If they told you that you would have full control, then you should. Did you take a look at the link to the manual that I sent you? You have set up your controller as illustrated, and still have the same issue?

Posted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 7:10 pm
DJSpateyControlleristMember since 2013
Yes I have followed your link. I did that last week. I have had other friends check it for me also from the manual but no joy.

It does make sense that I may get full control from a full license but VDJ told me the demo version should have full access. Not sure what to do now.

Posted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 7:20 pm
I would start over from the beginning. Uninstall drivers and VDJ. Make sure that you install in the correct order, and connect the controller when asked. Some times it may take a second try. If you have done that, come back, there are a lot of people that actually have experience with this controller, and may be able to help you.

Posted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 7:28 pm

Posted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 7:36 pm
DJSpateyControlleristMember since 2013
Thanks guys the link was useful. It all works now. Well I say that. The EQ works. I may find something else in time to come.

Thanks again everyone.

Posted Sun 21 Jan 18 @ 8:42 pm