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Topic: Crashing, Using MacBook Pro
When I click on VDJ, it automatically freezes then it crashes the computer and it won't finish booting up, it stays in a mooting loop. I have to try several key presses when booting to eventually get it to boot. I've replaced the memory and motherboard. I've even tried the turn off the wifi, which helps a little, but the problem is still there. I've tried tech support, they've not been able to solve, coz they try to remote access and when they do, they click on VDJ and poof, it crashes and I lose them.
Hopefully someone out there can help.

Posted Tue 16 Jan 18 @ 6:24 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009

Posted Wed 17 Jan 18 @ 9:02 am
I'm running the latest, I had tried an older version, but same results.

Posted Mon 22 Jan 18 @ 6:23 pm
What is the MacBook Pros specs ? Operating system/ RAM etc

Also what controller are you using?

Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 6:09 pm