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Topic: Option to sort the Hot-Cues within one song.
It would be nice to have an option to sort the Hot-Cues within one song either:

- CHRONOLOGICALLY (Sorted by time or cue-numbers)
So for example if cue 1 is already set, and you try to set cue 6 without having set cue 2 before, cue 6 moves to the second slot which was free and becomes to cue 2.
So that there is no gap between the cues and all the cue-buttons are "pushed together" from the first cue to the last/highest one that got set.
I think Serato hast this too. (Nevermind I mentioned this name here) :D

- ORIGINAL (Like they was set)
Like it is now. If I press cue 6 in the middle of some song it will be set there, no matter how many other cues are set somewhere else.

Posted Sun 14 Jan 18 @ 4:45 pm