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Topic: Function to align ALL cue's to the Beat-Grid
As the title says:

I would love to see a function such as "align_all_cues".
We already have something similar with "shift_all_cues".
So the step to align ALL Hot-Cues at once isn't that far away. <3

Posted Sun 14 Jan 18 @ 4:25 pm
if you have quantizeSetCue set to yes when you create cues they will align with grid automatically.

Posted Sun 14 Jan 18 @ 4:36 pm
I know.
But I meant this for already existing cues.

Like shifting all cues, but to be accurat I want them to be aligned exactly to the grid,
and not be shifted manually "near" the grid.

This comes very handy for cues that got set before the quantize-option was implemented.
The same intention what we got "shift_all_cues" for.
And I wonder why I have to do it manually if I could align them with one click since we have got the quantize-function.

I already tried:
has_cue 1 ? goto_cue 1 & set_cue 1 : has_cue 2 ? goto_cue 2 & set_cue 2 : ...etc.

With quantize turned on. But this script ends after the first cue was re-aligned and before I try this with variables it would be easier to implement a new function.

Posted Sun 14 Jan 18 @ 4:59 pm