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Topic: Struggling with Freestyler 8...HELP!
hey everyone. I have recently got Freestyler and have been playing about with it, followed videos on youtube but having no success at getting cues set up or working. I currently have my icolor 4 flood light plugged in via interface. On Freestyler it works if I change the control faders.
Can someone please explain in simple terms how to set up cue points. When I click on generate script on the plugin there is no drop down 'command' menu just 'add scene'. Im just very confused how to set this up? Do i need to create sequences on FS8 and then add them?

If anyone could help would be greatly appreciated, its all new to me!

Posted Fri 12 Jan 18 @ 3:32 pm
First you need to create sequences on FS and and them on CUES (on FS again)
Then you use action POI's on VirtualDj to control the FS CUES with the Freestyler8 plug-in

Posted Wed 17 Jan 18 @ 1:11 pm