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Topic: [Beginner] Is VU meter a must have on DJ controller?
Well, I am just starting out to DJ and I have done a bunch of researches online to find the best DJ controller that suites my style... in my budget too. Well luckily I found it but just as soon as that I realized that the controller I was going for has no built in LED VU meter / Volume meter (Idk what is the difference tho). From what I understand the meter is quite important to make sure your mixes aren't clipping or distort. I am just wondering if the meter is a must have? Since it is a controller I would still have to use it with my laptop anyways and I can still look at the meter using VirtualDJ with my laptop, is that correct? Since I really like the features on the controller, is the absence of meter going to be a deal breaker? I am totally new to DJ and would love to have some advice, thanks!

Posted Mon 01 Jan 18 @ 1:11 pm
It's nice to have, but it's not 100% essential if (as you said) you're using VDJ's on-screen mixer.

Also, VDJ by default sets the gain of each track automatically, so they should never be too loud. There's also a built in limiter in VDJ that prevents things getting out of control.

Posted Mon 01 Jan 18 @ 1:51 pm
Yeah I did notice the limiter on the VDJ you mentioned which will definitely comes in handy for avoiding clipping, I guess I might just go with the 4 channel controller that I like, thank you!

Posted Mon 01 Jan 18 @ 1:59 pm
Come on then, tell us - which controller?

Posted Mon 01 Jan 18 @ 2:50 pm
Its a quite old controller that comes out around 4 years ago - Epsilon Quad-Mix.
I'm gonna list down some pros and cons of this controller.

I found it costs around $190. (Quite affordable for an entry level DJ)
The controller has two colors, either black or white. (This is not too important)
4 channel mixers with separate 3 band EQ on each channel which is full kill, separate gain and HP/LP filter knob for each channel.
Able to switch between deck 1&3,2&4 on the controller. (Don't know is this going to be any useful?)
4 knobs for separate FX's dry & wet (2 on each deck, I know VDJ has 3 FX knob for each deck but most controller in this price rage only offers 1 FX knob for each deck to control 3 FX at once, and for me 2 knobs for FX is really more than enough)
Built in sound card (I know most controller has this too)
Balanced XLR output (Not going to use this quite often)
2 RCA outputs (booth & monitor) and have volume control knob for them too
Can be connected with 2 more player/CDJ/turntable using RCA cables (Requires VDJ Pro)
They provides RCA cable inside the box with controller
Has 2 up and down button on each deck to switch between different FX on VDJ using the controller. (I am not sure if any other controller has this)
Has a 134mm jogwheel which I guess is bigger compared to some of the most popular entry level DJ controller that I know, not into scratching tho.
Has most of the standard functions that I expected (Hot cues, Manual loop, Auto loop, Keylock, half/double loop headphone cues and etc.)
The pitch slider on each has a center click (I personally prefer this)
The shift button is in the middle of the mixer (I personally prefer this too)

Only few entry level DJs out there uses this controller (Not a big deal tho)
No built in VU meter (This is what I am struggling with but I guess I am OK with this too)
All plastic construction (Only few controller in this price range that I know is built with metal construction, I will take care of it carefully so not a problem)
Comes with VDJ LE (I have a full version so no worries)
Not supported by Serato, Rekordbox & Traktor (But I believe there are mappings for this controller for these software out there, but I am just going to use VDJ mainly)
Only 4 pads for hot cues/sampler etc. (I own a Launchpad and I can map my Launchpad with VDJ to have extra pads for these functions, no problem)
Have latency issues with the jogwheel and crossfader so no crazy scratches is going to happen (This might be the problem of the in-built sound card and I will just buy a new sound card if this really bother me, but I am not into too much scratching)
Pitch sliders aren't too long, but it is not short too compared with some others entry level DJ controller.
Not much visual feedback on the controller such as VU meters and playtime left (I just need controls, to check for anything I will just look at my laptop)
I am not sure about this because there aren't much videos out there about this controller but from what I observed, the pads aren't RGB and doesn't lights up too much or maybe even did not even lights up, but like I say I am not sure, but if this is the case, I can still accept it.

How do you think about this controller? Should I go with it? I really like it by looking at its feature! I would love to listen to any advice from anyone about this controller that I am going with, thanks!

Posted Tue 02 Jan 18 @ 7:01 am
Have latency issues with the jogwheel and crossfader so no crazy scratches is going to happen

This part bothers me the most & I don't know how much latency you're talking about but.. It might make throwing in a track hard.

Posted Tue 02 Jan 18 @ 9:41 am
Have latency issues with the jogwheel and crossfader so no crazy scratches is going to happen

This part bothers me the most & I don't know how much latency you're talking about but.. It might make throwing in a track hard.

I am not sure how much is it exactly, he says that you can only feel your baby scratches. But this review for the controller comes out 2 years ago and only this review I was talking about mentioned about this problem and some other reviews for this controler that I read didn't mention it at all. Maybe this is the issue of his computer because only he is mentioning about this, or could be some drivers mistake (idk if this makes any sense), and it should be updated and fixed by now after such a long time if that is the case. If it is the problem of soundcard as I mentioned I can just buy a new one. But I am not into too much crazy scratching as I am just a beginner and don't uses any vinyl before.

Posted Tue 02 Jan 18 @ 3:53 pm