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Topic: Sound Delay on Speaker and Earphone/喇叭跟耳機的聲音延遲
Im using numark party mix with virtual dj, when i plug the output to my speaker, which is a philips home cinema speakers, i noticed that there are slight delay in my headsets and the actual sound coming out of the speaker. What can I do to fix it? I dont find that happen when i plug the output to my little portable speaker. Anyone having the same problem?
我使用的是Numark Party Mix, 當我把輸出連上Philips的家庭劇院喇叭時,我發現監聽耳機的聲音會比真正輸出的還慢一點點,當我把輸出差在小的可攜式喇叭就不會。是甚麼原因造成的呢? 要怎麼解決? 有人跟我一樣的狀況嗎?

Posted Sat 02 Dec 17 @ 2:28 pm