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Topic: Content Unlimited
Content Unlimited I have paid for content unlimited for many years and I understand the problems that legal has had but what I do not understand is if I stop my subscription the songs that I've already downloaded into my virtual DJ why they are now gone. I mean it is kind of senseless if I can't use them anywhere else then virtual DJ why you make me continue to pay the $50 a month just to keep the songs that I already have in my database.

Posted Tue 07 Nov 17 @ 11:11 pm
Like all other music subscription services, the music subscription in VirtualDJ is both DRM protected as well as valid only if you have a subscription: Thats the difference between buying track by track as single download vs subscription to unlimited content, where you only pay a fee for access to everything that available.

The content subscriptions in VDJ is still there by the way, and is fully legal.
The only change was a name change to "Online Music" to have a more general term, as well as more services that was added like Pulselocker and Deezer.

And even if you are allowed to cache ("download") for offline use, its not download to keep using forever (as you would with single tracks you buy at a music store). Same if you have Spotify or any other music subscription, you can only use the files for as long as you are subscriber.

Hope that made sense.

Posted Tue 07 Nov 17 @ 11:22 pm
The problem I have with it is. The fact that we all know that Content Unlimited is lacking in content and if I cannot use that music anywhere else but in virtual DJ what law is it that makes me continue to pay to keep that music cache for me to use. new music i could understand and if i stop using VDJ then it is gone

Posted Tue 07 Nov 17 @ 11:42 pm
Its the same if say you had a Spotify subscription, or any other content subscription.
Some of these allow offline (cache download) content, like VirtualDJ content subscriptions.

So if you then downloaded 100 songs at Spotify, and later ended your Spotify subscription, you would no longer be able to use these files. Nor can you use Spotify files outside of Spotify (or Spotify built-into apps)

This is true for all content subscriptions out there.. That be Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc etc.

And to add, this is of course not something VirtualDJ can control or limit. Nor Spotify or Netflix for that matter.
These terms and conditions are dictated and required by the labels and owners of the content.

Either you buy single tracks one by one that you own, or you subscribe to thousand and thousands of tracks for a small fee, that you can use for as long as you subscribe.

Its again, NOT VirtualDJ that makes the conditions so. Its how the content subscription model works for all content providers.

Posted Wed 08 Nov 17 @ 12:36 am