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Topic: Is there a video tutorial for custom mapping your mixer on VDJ 8?
Is there a video tutorial for custom mapping your mixer on VDJ8? all the videos i find are using an older build so when i want to use the key learn feature its not working?

Also how can I delete custom mapping profiles ive made but don't want, in my attempts to custom map a few buttons ive made a few that are messed up due to pressing the wrong button etc.

All help greatly welcomed, if there are no videos can someone guide me through it please?

Posted Sun 05 Nov 17 @ 12:39 am

Posted Sun 05 Nov 17 @ 1:55 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
If you want to delete a custom mapping, you can use the Delete (X) button at the top-right of that window. You can start over from the "factory default" (this cant be deleted)
The Key Learn, still exists and works. Its the small pen button at the bottom of that window. When clicked, the window will go away and you will then be able to select the button/fader from the skin to copy its action to your key.

Posted Sun 05 Nov 17 @ 2:28 am
Thank you for your responses, that's the video i had but its a different build and layout :( i can figure out what button i want the custom mapping to press on VDJ its the 8 beat loop button but how do i identify what button on my mixer i want to activate it? I've tried looking through the list manually but cant see it. I've also pressed the pen (key learn button) and tried pressing the button on my mixer but no joy.

Posted Sun 05 Nov 17 @ 3:41 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
The Pen button (Key Learn) is useful when the action you want to assign a button to, is present to the GUI.
The default skin doesnt have any button to trigger a 8 beats loop, so you will need to type the action ... loop 8 manually in the Action box.

In order to map a button/fader on your controller, you can either select it from the Keys List, or push/move it and will appear in the Key Learn box (as the video says too). Then select/click that key and type the action for it.

Here is a Wiki page that could help you as well.
The layout is a bit different (changed in version 8.2 at some point), but you should get the idea.

Posted Sun 05 Nov 17 @ 5:49 am