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Topic: Korg Kaoss DJ: App hangs when using "sync" button when beatlock enabled
Controller: Korg Kaoss DJ
OS: Win10
VDJ: 8.2 b3954

- load tracks, go to "scratch" tab, select beatlock on both sides
- play both tracks, several times click play/pause and sync buttons on the controller

Result: after clicking Sync button VDJ hangs, music stops playing, UI unresponsive, system process hangs.

- could not reproduce using play/sync buttons in the the app UI, i.e. only physical "sync" button on the controller caused the issue.

Posted Fri 03 Nov 17 @ 9:52 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Can you reproduce the same issue if you use the computer's built-in sound card and not the Korg in Audio Setup of VirtualDJ ?

What are the specifications (CPU, RAM, Video card) of your computer ?

Posted Sat 04 Nov 17 @ 12:05 am
VDJ got updated to b3967, the issue still appears.

Yes, can still be reproduced when internal sound card is selected in audio settings.

core i5, 4GB RAM, intel hd graphics 520

Posted Tue 07 Nov 17 @ 10:11 pm