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Topic: How to piggyback previous DJ in VDJ, a guide for SL DJing
I would like something to show to my people that love VDJ. It IS worth love. I wrote the following because it's what I know, one of y'all could convert this to that, and be epic helpful. I'll spread this around with "guide by johnkyblue and [yourname]"

How to piggyback using ****** guide by johnkyblue and [yournamehere!] [download a pipe, install it, been a while and I forgot, but it's not hard] [Set aux1 to the cable output in ******]
!insert gyazo of where to get stream info here! [get stream info from World->Parcel->Sound, there is even a copy button but ctrl-a and ctrl-c works too] [paste the stream info to VLC, stream should be playing afterwards] [set vlc to output to cable input]

The previous DJ's stream should be playing in your ****** now. You can start your stream, tell the DJ what you are doing. Make sure they understand what piggybacking means. They tend to get pissed and storm off if they don't because "you stole the stream too soon". So absolutely make sure they understand what you are doing. Then put your stream in shortly before your set, make sure the other DJ isn't talking. It will replay the last 15-20 seconds for the crowd, but for most EDM songs it will sound like a little skip if it's a repetative part of the song.

Posted Wed 18 Oct 17 @ 5:22 am