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Topic: Mackie, EAW, Martin Audio Acquired by Transom

Posted Tue 17 Oct 17 @ 3:05 am
for once Ron could ya keep the outside of dj'ing stuff outside of dj'ijng?

we get that you have this soapbox you like to stand on. but last I looked this was a dj's forum and not tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theory forum.

and who knows?... their combining a company might just work to your advantage with lower prices for gear so you can afford it.

Posted Tue 17 Oct 17 @ 3:47 am
Ron, your post was leveled up, because it was irrelevant to the topic at hand. This information was provided to the community, just so they know that their favorite brands have changed hands. If you wish to discuss world domination, please find another forum, or start your own. This way you can teach the youth of the world, and not interfere with the spirit of this forum. We all have other interest, we just discuss them in appropriate forums. Thank you.

Posted Tue 17 Oct 17 @ 8:45 pm