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Topic: Better offline-stored music control (Pulselocker, Deezer, Groovemusic, ContentUnlimited etc.)
Hi forums / Atomix team,
it would be great if there were some improvements on how offline music is handled from those services.

How much space are downloaded songs taking up? I know you can simply check the size of \User\AppData\Local\Pulselocker (in my case) but it would be more intuitive if the right-click menu of a service would give more information on how much space those downloaded songs take up and maybe how many are downloaded. Also options for cleaning all songs from one service might be handy. (With pulselocker there are two folders, "locker" and "tmp" where "tmp" is obviously just a cache for songs, this should definitely have a cleaning option within VDJ because i'm sure it can become very large over time without control.)

How can i see downloaded songs that aren't in any playlist? This feature exists for ContentUnlimited but for me no offline-stored songs from Pulselocker show up there.

How can i remove all downloaded songs that aren't in any (local) playlist? This goes hand in hand with the previous point, it would be easily solved with a toggable property in the song browser like "InPlaylist" so you can manually filter out songs out of any playlists (since you probably don't need those songs downloaded anymore).

Finally it would be absolutely amazing if you could simply right click a playlist of a service and have the "store offline" function there. I know you can simply select all tracks and have the option there but when you want to download 20 Playlists for a longer gig at once it's a little annoying. I love that you can use recurse on all local playlists and i understand that having recurse on a service might be not be the best solution but i'd simply love an easier way to bulk-queue song downloads.

Regards, Daniel =)

Posted Fri 13 Oct 17 @ 9:43 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Deezer and Groove Music don't allow offline caching.

For Pulselocker, offline storage is handled by the plugin. The temporary files are removed after 2 weeks.
If you expand the Pulselocker folder in VDJ, you should see a folder that lists all offline cached songs.

Posted Sun 15 Oct 17 @ 2:49 pm