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Topic: Submitted pad page for review....
Hey guys, I guess this is more of a question for Phantom, djdad, or the like. I submitted a pad page a few days ago, and was just wondering what the normal turn around time is on getting it in at least a limited release status? If there is anything I can do on my end to help you guys out and speed the process, I'm at your service. It's a pad made for controller users that basically does the off-hand work for you during turntable scratch, and it has a few other little neat additions too. Just wanted to get some feedback on it, so I can get it polished before wedding season starts and I'm too busy to work on it.

Posted Tue 26 Sep 17 @ 9:57 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
From my experience it is > 7 days.

Posted Wed 27 Sep 17 @ 8:01 am
It's up now. TY

Posted Thu 28 Sep 17 @ 6:07 pm