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Topic: windows update stops vdj playing through external speakers ?
all ,
windows updated a few days ago and since then ive not been able to play music from vdj via my laptop to my external amp - then to the speakers ...
it would only play into the laptop speakers , couldnt find any way to redirect it ...

today ive just done a system restore on my PC back to a week ago and it now works perfectly normally - is this an issue for anyone else ?

Posted Fri 11 Aug 17 @ 5:14 pm
How are you getting the audio from your laptop to the amp?

If you're using a cable plugged into the headphone output of the laptop then when the cable's not plugged in, the audio will come from the laptop speakers. That's perfectly normal.

Posted Fri 11 Aug 17 @ 5:22 pm
im using a controller so that is connected direct to the amp and has been like that since the start and has always worked fine - like i said it only seems to send the sound to the amp when i rolled back windows ...
strange !

Posted Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 2:55 am
justinstocks wrote :
a controller

Which controller? Be specific and detailed when you post, so people don't have to ask for info you should have included in the first place.

You do know about the audio config area of VDJ? The place where you set which audio interface you want VDJ to use.

If VDJ was using the controller's audio, but then changed to using the laptop - that's the place to look.

Posted Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 6:14 am
thanks and sorry for not being detailled enough !

im using a pioneer DDJ-sb2 and had it connected up exactly as i had been using it for the past year or so (with no problems)

when i tried it after the windows update it appeared as if there wasnt a signal going to the controller - it would only play out of the laptop speaker ...

once i rolled back windows it worked perfectly normally so im certain its a windows update problem ...

if it happens again i will have to check the settings you mentioned - but not sure why a windows update would change them ?!

thanks again

Posted Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 8:36 am
I noticed after some recent windows 10 updates ....
Windows was trying to make my controller the default windows sound card which makes issues.
you may have a look and see if that was your problem as well.

all u need do is select the built in sound card or something other then your controller as default and things go back to normal.

just to be clear my controller runs ASIO Drivers and this has never been a issue in the past.

Posted Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 1:02 pm