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Topic: Video effects in VDJ8 very confusing..the effects wont stay on top
can someone explain to me how i can use the video effects in a more effective way

i have telly media set up as the "audio/no video" plugin. to play some video loops whenever my song has no video.
i also use telly visuals to overlay a corner logo, and sometimes some happy birthday stuff for the attendees.
in VDJ 7 , this was simple , because the effects were layered in the order in which i turned them on. and anyways, the net effect was that telly visuals always stayed on top unless i wanted to deactivate it. in VDJ8 however, every time i play a song that has no video,telly media goes on top of telly visuals covering it up. which would mean i would have to go in and deactivate it and re-activate again in order to see it.

i know the visuals are broken up into two sections, visualisations and master video effects. i dont think it was like that in VDJ7, there was only one category i think.
and this seems to be the case weather i use telly visuals as a master plugin or a "visualisation" (whatever that means)
anyways i dont know the significance of this, and in the settings i cannot choose between these two categories for the "audio-no video" plugin. i can only choose the effect, i suspect that it defaults to a "visualisation" rather than a "master effect" but i dont know, nor do i know how to switch it..

also as a side note, is there any other way to access these than using the tiny drop down menu beneith the channels? its so tiny , VDJ7 was way better the way you could use the lower half of the screen where the browser normally is to see the effects.

Posted Fri 21 Jul 17 @ 6:22 pm
In TellyVisuals Options tab, set the VDJ display order to be on top.

It is confusing the way they have and probably more confusing than you know.

So select TellyMediaV as the visualization and just have TellyVisuals running normal on master as an effect but set the display order to be on top for TV.

Posted Fri 21 Jul 17 @ 6:40 pm
You can define custom buttons to do various things.

To bring up (or shut down) the TellyVisuals user interface you could define a custom button with this script.

deck master effect_show_gui 'TellyVisuals'

Right click on some custom button in the VDJ8 user interface to change or add a script for it.

Posted Fri 21 Jul 17 @ 9:18 pm