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Topic: Newcomer ?
Hi everybody

I am Kristof, more than 25 years mobile DJ of which about 15 years 'digital DJ' (started with PCDJ Red + keyboard for few years, switched to PCDJ FX + keyboard and current working with Traktor Pro 2 (+controllers: Numark Omnicontrol, American Audio VMS4, Traktor Kontrol S4, Pioneer DDJ SX2, Denon MCX 8000 (current)).

I'm seriously considering making the switch from Traktor Pro (working with it for about 10 years now) to other DJ software.

It seems more and more Traktor is choosing the music producer / remixer - path with their DJ software (replacing the sampler with remix decks, sequencer, stems, ...).

And they collaborate less and less with high-end pro brands (for example Denon, Pioneer, ...), forcing me in making my own midi mapping (but still bumping on sudden (nice) features that can't be used on sudden controllers (example: screens and jog-LED's not working on Denon MCX8000 with Traktor)).

And the Native Instruments hardware (controllers) are just not my thing and don't have the interesting features others controllers do have (MCX8000 = also usable with USB sticks = always a backup at hand (very reassuring when doing a several-hour-gig (wedding, birthday party, ...)).

For those reasons I'm seriously considering switching DJ software.

I am considering 2 options: Serato (Denon MCX8000 dedicated) or Virtual DJ 8 (Denon MCX8000 compatible). I already downloaded the VDJ demo and took a good look around in VDJ. Looks/feels good !

Although (since I'm new to VDJ) I have some questions:

1. Most important: Can track-info (cue-points, loops, beat grids) be transferred from Traktor to VDJ8 ? Important to know BEFORE I start editing all my 8000+ tracks again in VDJ8 :-) Or is there a converter (like Rekord Buddy 2) to do this ? (I work with OS Windows). I already did a google and search on the forum but can’t seem to find any info about this.

2. If I adjust the fabric mapping for the MCX8000 (and thereby create a custom mapping), will the screens and Jog-LED's still work ?

3. If I want to adjust sudden actions (midi map), must I start from scratch (empty mapping) or can I adjust the fabric mapping without losing important features (screens, Jog-LED’s) ?

4. Is there a way to do a 1 button-push delay-freeze (= effect I often use during my sets) ? Meaning: push button, delay kicks in (2 or 4 beat) and track (audio) stops, leaving only the delay sound continuing. (Also a 1 button push for a a) short and b) long turntable-stop). Via Add-on(s) ?

5. Is there a way to make the sync function behave as like in Traktor (which I find very useful and logical) ? Meaning: Making the sync a toggle button (on/off). When pushing sync, sync is activated and stays activated and all items (track, loops, samples) snap to the nearest beat grid marker of the opposite player (so all items start ‘in sync’).
When sync is pushed again, sync is deactivated and items no longer snap to the beat grid (so can be played ‘free-hand’).
Via midi mapping ?

Feedback is much appreciated!


Posted Fri 19 May 17 @ 1:49 pm
freppaPRO InfinityMember since 2002
Welcome Kristof !
I think this works if the cues is saved in the files (worked for me with mixed in key software).

Posted Fri 19 May 17 @ 3:39 pm
DHoudePRO InfinityMember since 2009
@Freppa, I think those are Serato Cue points. Locodog and I worked on that for Serato only, he was the brains and I had Serato & MP3 tag to read the extended Cue point field. I have not idea if Tractor uses the same format, but we may be able to talk Locodog into it if not.

Just a caution if it does not work. Traktor is the only thing I don't have, but willing to help if needed.

Posted Fri 19 May 17 @ 4:22 pm
DHoudePRO InfinityMember since 2009
@ Kristof

2. If I adjust the fabric mapping for the MCX8000 (and thereby create a custom mapping), will the screens and Jog-LED's still work ? - All depends on how heavy the edit. if you start changing Shifts and Status then you may have some extra work to do. But overall it should work with a little know how. Lots of great resources here, if you break something just post the command chain and what you are trying to do.

3. If I want to adjust sudden actions (midi map), must I start from scratch (empty mapping) or can I adjust the fabric mapping without losing important features (screens, Jog-LED’s) ? - As soon as you start editing the default map, VDJ will add "Custom" at the end of the name. No starting from scratch unless you want to. You can name the new map anything and even switch between default and custom, as well as back your custom mapping XML file up so you don't have to redo it all on a new PC.

I can't help on 4 & 5 at the moment, I just don't have any resources. I can say that samples can be beat synced. But sync alone is not really persistent/automatic across the board like you describe (again I don't use Traktor so I may be interpreting that wrong). Sync between decks is initiated by the button once (not persistent). Sample sync is set individually by setting the sample's properties. There may be other ways too but I am more of a mobile guy so most of my crowds don't want a heavy live remix.

Posted Fri 19 May 17 @ 4:37 pm
Kristof St wrote :
is there a converter (like Rekord Buddy 2)

That's your route at the moment.

Because VDJ only reads Serato data, you would have to convert from Traktor to Serato first with Rekord Buddy then have VDJ read all the Serato data. Just bear in mind that with (e.g.) cue points being translated from format to format, they may shift a little bit.

You can adjust, add or remove things from mapping without disturbing other things (like screens).

Via VDJ's scripting language, pretty much anything can be achieved! Some of the long scripts posted here are mind boggling. VDJ can't make the tea yet, but I'm sure it won't be too long before someone comes up with a script!

Posted Fri 19 May 17 @ 4:41 pm
Like DHoude mentioned, I think this browser setting in VDJ could refer to Serato.
Traktor stores it's info (cue positions, loops, beatgrids, ...) somewhere else than the tag VDJ refers to. But thanks anyway for the suggestion :-)

@Dhoude & @groovindj:
Than I will have to play the waiting game for 'rekordbuddy2 for windows' to be released :-)
(I recently saw on the NextAudioLabs website that they are beta testing the new Rekord Buddy 2 version (for Mac and Windows)). Keeping my fingers crossed this will be in the near future. Would save me A LOT of time should I decide to migrate from Traktor to VDJ (that's still one of the main reasons I'm hesitating to make the switch to other software).

Also good to know that adjusting the factory mapping won't do any harm or make me loose crucial settings (screens, jog-LED's).
I will take a closer look at the mapping part. See if I can achieve sudden personal control preferences without doing any harm to the essential settings. And look into the scripting. Seems like the possibility's of personalizing the controls are to be found in that area.

Thanks for the info !

Posted Fri 19 May 17 @ 9:27 pm