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Topic: [NOTE] Spotify integration in VirtualDJ (Update pr Sept. 2017) - Page: 4
klausmogensen wrote :
TDBennett wrote :
There may not be a deal that Atomix and Spotify can agree to

No, if the record companies ban them from doing so, I guess there isn't
Again: You are barking up the wrong tree

"last month one of the major labels reached out to Spotify"... one company voiced concern. That is not a "ban" and not "record companies" as you stated.
Atomix and Spotify mutually agreed to "suspend access for now". There is no mention of a ban.

And it's not the wrong tree, the statement in the same article you keep referencing says Spotify and Atomix are continuing to look into the "licensing questions".
And there is a way, which is mentioned, without detail, in this same article.
"Algoriddim has officially partnered with Spotify to give users seamless access to the streaming service from within our apps, with the ability to mix multiple tracks at the same time and the functionality you’d expect from modern DJ software. This integration is official and available to all Spotify Premium subscribers."

That is what I get from the article.

Does Atomix want to do it the way Spotify deems necessary? Couldn't tell ya.
Can Spotify deliver it the way Atomix and their users want it? Don't know that one either.
But I hope they work it out. I like the feature within VDJ, I like Spotify as a stand-alone app and it seems that streaming is the model labels want to use in the future to control access to their products.

Posted Mon 25 Sep 17 @ 3:21 pm
No brainer for me.

Have a playlist set up in Spotify called 'DJ CACHE' and have it set to autodownload any songs dumped into it. If you get asked for random song, just search in the Spotify app and drag it into this list. Then just have Spotify open in the background, so the song is already cached when you need to go to it.

Ok, so you can't beatmix into it, but really not going to kill you if it's a wedding set is it. If VDJ wanted to do something they could just piggyback on the Spotify app so it could hand control back to VDJ software after it had played the track but I've not idea how nicely the Spotify API plays with other software.

It was nice while it lasted, I'd love it to come back, but there is a fairly easy but clunky workaround, so no sweat.

Posted Thu 28 Sep 17 @ 9:35 pm
I guess weird karma for this.. Irony? ... I had Deezer for a couple of years (it was available in Canada before spotify).. Finally Spotify came up here, and then pretty quickly had the family plan available ,
so I switched..
Started a new PT job at a Nightclub and when VDJ updated to the online music integration I will say it turned out to be a huge thing for me, I have lost track at how many weird requests I would get at the bar that were NOT available on my normal sources (xtendamix, even at times Itunes) , but were in spotify..
This turned out to be a lot nicer then I would have imagined..
Especially since the kit I am forced to use at the bar meant I could not run spotify in the background (not sure exactly why, but the ASIO drivers somehow means spotify will not play sound over the pioneer mixer.. )..
so having the integration directly in VDJ was so amazing awesome..

but.. alas spotify is gone, so I decided to re-subscribe to Deezer again.. (i am keeping spotify too as the family uses it)
WOW.. I wish I had swapped sooner! it doesnt seem to crash the computer (this happened 3 times using spotify on VDJ) and it is so much faster!!
Also I know from prior use Deezers catalog is close to Spotify's (Spotify's catalog is bigger, but its really rare that I cant find a song I want on it, if the song is not available it usually means the artist will not allow it on ANY streaming platform)

Posted Fri 29 Sep 17 @ 7:34 pm

Posted Wed 04 Oct 17 @ 5:27 pm
I'm a recent newcomer to Virtual DJ. My existing Xp machine would not instal the Spotify app. So just bought a new windows 10 laptop. Setup laptop and configured the thing. Then setup Spotify only to try and find it in VDJ. It's not there anymore............ I'm totally gutted I now discover Spotify is no longer available. I have spent a load of cash on a new laptop and gained nothing! Please VDJ Sort this ASAP. Disappointed fairly new customer.

Posted Tue 10 Oct 17 @ 10:35 pm
gimmoPRO InfinityMember since 2011
well time to cancel my Spotify membership.

Posted Wed 11 Oct 17 @ 3:26 am
Data Disco wrote :
Please VDJ Sort this ASAP

How? When the record companies (or at least one of them) tell Spotify that they can't let their content be included in Virtual DJ, what can anybody do then?

I for one don't see Spotify coming back... But other new services, like Content Unlimited and Pulselocker which are made and licensed for DJing, may come along

Posted Wed 11 Oct 17 @ 4:41 am
hi sorry for my English i'm french. i don't read again last posts but i send to spotify a request.
They tell me to send my report on their website ans i find this one
so if we make together a + in vote may be some evolution can comming ( i hope)
i 've stop my abonnement, if spotify don't comeback for my part (do the same ;) )

Posted Mon 16 Oct 17 @ 7:09 am
done; o)
I've posted your link in the German forum. Let's push this together and wait for the things happen....

Posted Wed 25 Oct 17 @ 3:29 pm
groenloPRO InfinityMember since 2013

Posted Wed 25 Oct 17 @ 4:00 pm
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