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I use Telly Media & Visuals for Virtual DJ 8, has anyone purchased the full version? If so please could you tell me is it possible to create a cube & for it to spin, I would like to be able to rotate up to 20 different posters on the cube & also play MP4's.
1.Could the cube spin then freeze for 5-10 seconds with a poster showing,
2. Then spin again and show the current MP4 playing again for 5-10 seconds
3. Spin the cube again and have a different poster showing  
and continuously repeat the above instructions?

Posted Fri 07 Apr 17 @ 8:31 pm

Posted Mon 10 Apr 17 @ 1:23 pm
I replied to your PM Mathew on same subject a few days ago.

Posted Mon 10 Apr 17 @ 8:12 pm
Many thanks for the reply.

Posted Fri 14 Apr 17 @ 8:09 pm