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Topic: VDJ 8 Stops playing one deck when a new song is loaded on other deck - AUTOMIX issue?
Tried searching for this issue, couldn't find it.

Running VDJ 8 on a Windows 8 computer with 8gb RAM. Playing through a Numark dual-channel sound card into an American Audio 4-channel mixer. The Numark splitting decks 1 and 2 into separate mixer channels.

This issue has happened twice - both times after clicking out of Automix. A few minutes after exiting Automix, I'll have a song playing on one deck, and when I load a new song into the other deck, all audio on the playing deck stops. The track is still playing, but all audio is gone. Additionally, at the same time this issue happens, VDJ 8 loses it's audio split, and both decks start playing through just one mixer channel.

This only happens after using Automix, which I use regularly for dinner/cocktail music. In two recent events where I did not use Automix, no issues. Two recent events where Automix was used, the issue occurred.

Is this a known bug, or does anyone have a possible cause/solution, other than not using Automix?

Posted Mon 21 Sep 15 @ 8:35 pm
I'd update first =)
If that doesn't fix it, try a different audio setup (internal soundcard, ASIO, ...) and look if it happens there too.


Posted Tue 22 Sep 15 @ 2:12 pm
Which American Audio mixer? if it's a VMS4.1 I can see see where you're problem is!

Posted Thu 24 Sep 15 @ 9:39 pm
I have a similar problem VDJ7 on a windows 8 laptop playing through a Gigaport external sound card into an Alto ZMX122fx mixer. Everything's been just fine for over a year. But I've suddenly got this problem where I'll have a song playing on deck A - output fine through both speakers - but when I load my next song onto deck B, it cuts the output from one of my speakers. And from then on both decks only output through the one speaker. Only solution so far has been to turn off the program, re-boot and then just use one deck . That solves it until I load another song while one's playing. And then it happens again.I got round it last night by just using one deck but obvioulsy cannot go on that way. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be? Thanks. Bill

Posted Mon 16 May 16 @ 5:56 pm
Fritz619ControlleristMember since 2017
My mixer only plays one song. I try to load two different songs and security thing pops up says I already have a song playing... I'm a noob please help

Posted Sun 01 Oct 17 @ 8:46 am
Fritz619 wrote :
My mixer only plays one song. I try to load two different songs and security thing pops up says I already have a song playing... I'm a noob please help

I think we need more info than that to be able to help you
Maybe record a video of what is happening (using your phone is good enough), post it somewhere (like on youtube) and link to it here, so we can see what exactly you are doing?

Posted Sun 01 Oct 17 @ 1:41 pm
Dr Ray1Home userMember since 2017
While one deck is playing, I try to load another deck, deck A stops and nothing plays until I press play on deck B.

Posted Sat 23 Nov 19 @ 3:34 pm
So ironically I just upgraded my laptop's windows program from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Looks like that could be part of the issue. But also the other part could be in the settings. When you go into settings /options and look where it says "autoheadphones" mine was set to always. I clicked on no and it stopped the issue. The way I am seeing this issue maybe it's a bug because to me it's looking like the audio coming out is set to headphones as primary and master as secondary. I dont know why. I am using a Denon DN-MC6000 controller and now I cant control the volume levers from my controller like I used to before the upgrade. My audio settings are Speaker + Headphones with the Denon controller as my Audio output source.


Nevermind, for those having this issue check the back of your controller. The settings in the "USB" section (if using USB to connect controller to laptop) need to be switched up for your laptop. Look up the audio settings in the manual for your controller and it will tell you how to place your settings to get it done!!! Hope this help every single one of you with this issue!!

Posted Thu 20 Feb 20 @ 8:27 pm
GordVicHome userMember since 2011
I just had a similar problem (perhaps after an update or changing my connections for a different setup.) I managed to get back to being able to resume a track loaded previously once I corrected the Audio Settings.

I have a small interface / mini-mixer to allow me to connect a microphone into the sound when I am teaching Scottish country dancing. The interface connects to the computer either by bluetooth or a USB cable. At home I often use the interface just to improve the sound to my headphones. The necessary audio setting is under the Settings > Audio panel. Selecting Speaker + Headphones under OUTPUTS, and Computer Audio under HARDWARE, there is a box showing the OUTPUTS which in my case is
Master - USB Audio - Chan 1&2
Headphones - USB Audio - Chan 3&4 (not sure if this is necessary or relevant in my case but it works)

Other settings may work but this setting allows me to go back and forth or even play both decks at the same time (not something I need very much in my application).

BTW, I have used this setup to provide sound for a Zoom based class allowing me to have control of the music as well as a headset mike while I am teaching. Digital music goes from VDJ via USB to the mixer is combined with the mike feed, comes back to the laptop via the same USB and directed to the Zoom class. This seems to work well and of course provides much better music and voice that using the laptop mike to pick up the music and the voice.

Posted Fri 12 Jun 20 @ 6:55 pm