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Topic: Aren't you bored with newer music ?

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Yesterday i made a search for best house music tracks in year 2014, and 2015 so i would have an idea of wich artist to buy music from.
But pff..what a disgrace, dance tracks that very randomly reloop the same refrain over and over, flat melodies
its almost like the artist made a 30 second song and relooped it in the recording studio.
I lived my "party time" age in the 90s, early 2000s, i used to listen to daft punk, eiffel 65, darude and other good stuff from the 2000s
But now its getting boring as eggsoup. frankly, this last years there hasnt been a song that makes me groove a bit.
Even artists as calvin harris; it pumps the beat in you from the get go... but eventually deflates till the end.

What do you think ?

Posted Fri 04 Sep 15 @ 5:54 pm
There are still some good tracks being made - but with so many people "producing" from home with just a laptop, then uploading their tracks for sale online, the haystack is very large so the needles are harder to find.

In years gone by, people needed to buy hardware to make music, pay for studio time to record it, and get signed to a label for distribution, so the "quality control" was better. The amateurs couldn't afford to do it, and wouldn't have been signed even if they could.

Nowadays you don't need to be a musician, spend money on hardware, rely on someone signing you....

Posted Fri 04 Sep 15 @ 8:20 pm
I thought 2014 was a banner year for good tunes and vids. But it seems to me 2015 is as bad as 2014 was good.:-)

Posted Fri 04 Sep 15 @ 8:33 pm
Not to mention the lots of female celebrities out there who have no voice but nice legs...
What a shame.

Posted Fri 04 Sep 15 @ 10:43 pm
I started out as a sound tech for bands and kinda fell into DJing weddings because it was easy money, so I bought a copy of VDJ8 and a Numark controller, a large hard drive and started spinning weddings for a couple different local DJ companies (which I'm still doing). I was starting to get really disillusioned by modern music, the local music scene in my town who were staunchly into white boy blues guitar music, people trying to imitate the Brits and not doing it very well, cover bands that thought they were the hottest thing since the Beatles and their girlfriends who thought they were rock gods, amongst other things. Then one night I rewatched 24 Hour Party People on my iPad and I started hearing tracks like Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald and Marshall Jefferson's Move Your Body, and started looking into documentaries about the second summer of love and the M25 raves, as well as The Hacienda, Shoom. There was a sophistication and soulfulness to the music that had started in Chicago, Detroit and New York and when acid house peaked in popularity, especially in the UK, it was everywhere. Madonna - Vogue. U2 - Even Better Than The Real Thing (which Paul Oakenfold remixed as Perfecto). Like the British had done with Motown (the Beatles), Paul Oakenfold, Graeme Park, Jon DiSilva had done with Chicago House and Detroit Techno. And to think it all started with a birthday bash in Ibiza and before that with some guys from Chicago recycling disco records and then screwing around with some 303 bass machines and 808 drum machines.

Posted Thu 08 Oct 15 @ 3:55 pm
Just do a search for "Freestyle". It's sad that we haven't seen any real music in years. Every now and then, someone samples an old track, and everybody thinks we have the new Prince, Beatles, etc. As DJ's it's our job to promote the best music and genres, so our crowds can appreciate how we got here. Of course we have to blend it in here and there, because we can't just play good music and make a living. Can you play the new Justin Bieber cut?

Posted Mon 26 Dec 16 @ 10:34 pm
Hip-Hop is worse

Posted Tue 27 Dec 16 @ 1:18 am
FumpsPRO SubscriberMember since 2016
Ahh the old days lol

I was a mad underground raver, many lost nights in old disused warehouses lit with burning oil drums etc.
I miss those days of going to naughty nights (as we called them). meeting in convoys of cars waiting for the text message to give you a set of weird directions, getting lost in the middle of nowhere.....then boom your there!

You could end up anywhere from a field out in the Yorkshire countryside to the middle of an old industrial stone quarry.

Happy happy days !

Posted Wed 08 Feb 17 @ 12:08 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Still appening on t'yorkshire hills, roll on easter!

Posted Wed 08 Feb 17 @ 1:04 pm
FumpsPRO SubscriberMember since 2016
locodog wrote :
Still appening on t'yorkshire hills, roll on easter!

Yeh I believe so, although being a dad, 2x rescue dogs & new hobbies (mountain biking & Airsoft) have taken my priorities away from partying nowadays. I loved that time but I have to say I'm glad its over now lol

The last time I went to an outside naughty gig was Sunday September 10th 2001. A night I will never forget, It was a night of lost innocence and (to me) was the night that life changed forever, the world has never been as fun as it was before then, well in my eyes it isn't anyway.

Posted Fri 10 Feb 17 @ 7:40 am
I find also to find true groove in music these days however there is a odd song that makes super happy inside and then I listen to the song over and over :)

Posted Tue 21 Mar 17 @ 12:31 am

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