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Topic: Kontrol S8 Mapping possible?
kpone9PRO InfinityMember since 2011
Hi guys is there a chance that someone managed to create a mapping for Kontrol S8?


Posted Sun 03 May 15 @ 7:16 pm
Hallo Ihr LIeben da draussen,

hat von jemand von Euch ein Mapping für meinen TRAKTOR S8 von NI?
Würde lieber mit VDJ arbeiten wollen, gefällt mi einfach besser.

Besten Dank

Posted Sat 28 Oct 17 @ 3:50 pm
dwellyPRO InfinityMember since 2014
I thought the S8 was once listed as coming soon?
Can we add Traktor S5 to this request to if access to the device and screens from virtual DJ is even possible?

Posted Tue 31 Oct 17 @ 5:04 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
We have not yet found a way to use the screens of the S8, so the project in on hold at the moment, thus we removed the S8 from the "Coming soon" list, as there is no ETA for official support.

We will upload a temporary/unofficial mapping in the Addons very soon though, for those who wish to use this controller without the screens. Will post here once this is available.

Posted Tue 31 Oct 17 @ 5:24 pm
I am willing to work with even a beta version of a traktor s8 and VDJ compatible set up. If any one have a working solution please send it to me. It is needed badly.

Posted Fri 03 Nov 17 @ 2:41 am
ich möcte auch auf jeden Fall das Mapping für VDJ. Ich habe schon das ganze Netz durchsucht, leider erfolglos.
Ich finde die Haptik deutlich besser als Traktor.
Ich würde mich auch als Betatester zur Verfügung stellen.
Bitte helft uns Seelen.
Herzlichen Dank schon mal, egal wie lange ich warten muss.

Posted Sat 25 Nov 17 @ 4:06 pm
any word on that S8 without screens temporary addon?

Posted Thu 30 Nov 17 @ 8:50 pm
djlwoodPRO (OEM)Member since 2012
Any update on the Traktor S8 mapping?

Posted Sat 23 Dec 17 @ 12:33 am
djdad wrote :
Will post here once this is available.

Posted Sat 23 Dec 17 @ 8:01 am
Necesito trabajar con mi TRACKTOR S8, que alguien me de la mano

Posted Fri 20 Jul 18 @ 1:42 am