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Topic: protection error 7 ?

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Hi chaps,

I have both V7 & V8 on my MAC

Added V7 to my back up windows PC yesterday as I already had 8 on there, and I get a protection error 7 contact VDJ, which I have done and awaiting a response from the ticket, just thought I would ask the collective whats causing the issue while I'm waiting for a reply.



Posted Mon 24 Nov 14 @ 2:14 am

Posted Mon 24 Nov 14 @ 5:49 am
Thanks for link,

Done that, was just wondering if anyone else had had the prob, while I was waiting for an ans



Posted Mon 24 Nov 14 @ 6:53 am
With protection errors, the mods/staff are usually very quick to say "No one on the forum can help you. Please contact support."

Posted Mon 24 Nov 14 @ 6:56 am

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