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Topic: Pioneer DDJ-SX VDJ8 Performance Mapper - Page: 2

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Any chance of getting a DDJ-SZ version of this mapper? I own both controllers and would love to have some unity between them. Thanks!

Posted Wed 11 Feb 15 @ 9:14 am
Pads were updated in last build

Posted Sun 14 Jun 15 @ 3:31 pm
Pacn: I chose Shift+Fx1 for unload rather than holding the load button, as 1.) too confusing and 2.) shift+load clones decks. I think a quick unload is a nice way to clean the palate.

The effects may be changing. We have flange loopout, but I preferred echo loopout but it wasn't updated when this map was created. Still need a shift+fx2 function too, last I checked lol

Posted Mon 15 Jun 15 @ 5:47 pm
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