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Thank you for creating MilkDrop 8, it is awesome! It allows me to concentrate on the audio and mixing, etc. instead of finding and providing video for those tracks that have no video. I love that once it is triggered, it just continues to loop without disturbing me. Any chance of an additional MilkDrop with new video visuals? Sort of like a MilkDrop 8 (Part 2).

Posted Sun 10 Apr 16 @ 5:45 pm
In the Virtual DJ Folder > Plug Ins > MilkDrop Presets, there is a sub folder named "Textures" that contain over 20 .jpg images that are very cool and I am wondering how these .jpg images can be incorporated in MilkDrop8 while it is playing in VDJ. I ask only because I haven't noticed these .jpg images being displayed in the video window. Thanks!

Posted Tue 19 Apr 16 @ 9:38 pm
As demand for money to integrate it on Mac ?

Posted Wed 25 May 16 @ 10:52 am
dj5826PRO InfinityMember since 2008
Wondering if a mac version will be available at any point? Thanks in advance

Posted Thu 09 Jun 16 @ 3:28 pm
Thank you so much for this!
I did a reinstall and couldn't understand why Milkdrop wouldn't work.
Now it does - THANK YOU! :D

Posted Sat 25 Jun 16 @ 9:21 am
In VDJ 8.2 b3432 and above, has anyone experienced crashes when you're running Milkdrop as a AudioOnlyVisulazation? I've had multiple crashes, including 7 during performances and many more during testing. I've have beat my head against the wall for a week doing testing, uninstalling VDJ and triple-checking my laptop settings, and found that the moment I install Milkdrop, I'll crash. Just curious to see if this is not just my problem. Thanks... and if it is an issue, I hope it can be figured out because I love Milkdrop! :)

Posted Tue 18 Oct 16 @ 7:45 pm
From my experience from using milkdrop as audioonlyvisualizstion with Vdj 7, it will crash the whole program.
My solution back then was using milkdrop as a single deck effect. Been using it like that on Vdj 8.2 as well.
Don't want to risk a crash. Milkdrop still has issues. A lot of the times the screen will turn white or black.
Try using it as a single deck effect.

Posted Tue 18 Oct 16 @ 7:50 pm
Yeah... Just did a test with it as an video effect that I can select myself. Clicked it on and off continuosly with no crashing. Put it through a crazy clicking session with no problems. Then added it back to audioonlyvisulazation and when I go to change the song on the non-playing deck, I crash. Shame, because I've used that plugin for months now in VDJ 8 with no problem. I wish I would have known where my problem was. It would have saved me many, many hours of frustration and tweaking. I guess that's why we get paid the big bucks though. LOL

Posted Tue 18 Oct 16 @ 8:03 pm
Hold up... Just crashed using Slideshow too. It might be a VDJ bug. I'll keep testing

Posted Tue 18 Oct 16 @ 8:09 pm
NytroMix wrote :
Hold up... Just crashed using Slideshow too. It might be a VDJ bug. I'll keep testing

Did you have it set as onlyaudiovisual ? If yes then time to report on the forum.

Posted Tue 18 Oct 16 @ 8:23 pm
Yes. Tried Milkdrop, Slideshow, Camera, and Title. All crashed or froze VDJ up. I've posted on the forums hoping someone else can reproduce the crash.

Posted Tue 18 Oct 16 @ 8:56 pm
I'll check it out on Thursday. I'll try to reproduce the issue.

Posted Tue 18 Oct 16 @ 10:00 pm
Is there a way to keep it on 1 visual only? I don't want it to play through all visuals.. thanks in advance for your help.

Posted Sun 23 Oct 16 @ 3:51 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
delete all other visuals from within the milkdrop folder

Posted Sun 23 Oct 16 @ 4:02 am
locodog wrote :
delete all other visuals from within the milkdrop folder

That's it?? There is no way to make the transitions stop like with sonique for VDJ 7? Where can I find the folder for milkdrop 8? Running windows 8.

Posted Sun 23 Oct 16 @ 6:47 pm
My documents/Virtual dj/effects milkdrop
Or somewhere there
Also you can make the duration of the transition longer by using thr effect knobs

Posted Sun 23 Oct 16 @ 6:58 pm
Thinking that relocating the files I don't want active temporarily will be a good option... Would be nice to see a "stop transition" option in a new update though. Regardless, it's a great effect! Thanks for all your hard work and efforts!

Posted Sun 23 Oct 16 @ 7:02 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
There is a hacky way to do it.
Make a copy of the plugin dll renamed to whatever,
make a copy of the milkdrop presets folder renamed to "milkdrop preseta" [whatever as long as it is 16 chars]
delete all the .milk files except the one you want
open the plugin dll in a text editor
search for this exact string
p.l.u.g.i.n. .f.o.l.d.e.r...\.M.i.l.k.D.r.o.p. .P.r.e.s.e.t.s

and change it to your new name, including the spaces
this copy of will use this new folder location

Posted Sun 23 Oct 16 @ 7:36 pm
Basically what locodj is saying, you can have 2 milkdrop effects and one if them will have 1 effect.

Posted Sun 23 Oct 16 @ 7:41 pm
cnaylPRO InfinityMember since 2016
Sorry if I've missed something, but I downloaded the Milkdrop plugin, ran the install and it told me all was done okay, yet I can't see it inside VDJ 8

I also checked my VDJ folder under Plugins and even tried a search on my computer and can't find anything that looks like DLL's etc for this. How do install this ?!

Posted Tue 29 Nov 16 @ 4:56 pm
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