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djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
A touchscreen skin, with all the features in panels.
Easy navigation.
2 Basic Views (DECKS-BROWSER)

1366x768 & 1920x12080

Version 1.1
- Fixed bug (innacurate display of FX sliders in FX panel)
- Video Mixer now has different view with Video Output
- Scratchwave on decks (toggles with HotCues - Useful when video panel is o)
- Volume on decks (toggles with Pitch - useful when Video panel is on)
- Mix_now button added
- BPM value moved to deck textzones

Version 1.2
- Added Video/Audio Crossfader button in VIdeo Mixer
- Added Nudge mode (to nudge the song instead of scratch)
- Quick loops can now act like Loop Rolls (enable the Loop Roll button)
- Added beat bars in Mixer
- Support for the SBDJ OSK Plugin http://www.virtualdj.com/addons/15940/osk.html

Version 1.3
- Fixed cue marker on songpos, not visible in Automix mode
- Fixed Set Gain to 0 when click on the Gain value
- Added 1920x1080 resolution (native HD graphics)

Note !
You can resize it to other 16:9 resolutions, but will not work with different ratios.

Enjoy !!

Posted Sun 20 Jul 14 @ 6:00 pm
i love it

Posted Fri 14 Nov 14 @ 8:28 pm
ive loaded this onto my s5 but hav messed some mapping for the cross fader any ideas ..

ald when selecting eq fx or loop ... and other side commands thers allways the fx showing goshted by the new selection i.e eq

Posted Mon 22 Jun 15 @ 2:16 pm
Very beautiful, good work. But how to change the action of the mix when hitting the "Mix" button in mix_now_ nosync?

Posted Sat 25 Jul 15 @ 12:33 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
@touchscreen DJs

Time to have fun.. :)

Major update to the Multi-Touch Skin. Brand new graphics, 4x2 PADs matrix, Audio & Video support, new custom Browser etc.
Download link : http://www.virtualdj.com/plugins/index.html?addonid=15772

Some hints
- Tap to Artist-title to show/hide Cover on Deck (there is also an option to show cover on jog)
- Tap to Pitch text to select next pitch range
- Tap the CUSTOM pad mode twice to show custom buttons instead of the Scratchwave
- 2 Mixer modes (audio & video with the same Top panel button)
- Dual VIDEO /VIDEO FX panel
- Tap on Gain values to reset Gains to zero db
- Sync is on the BPM value button (in case you wonder :) )

The skin doesnt have any elements at the very bottom, so you are free to use the skin in semi-maximized mode and have the Windows taskbar visible (along with access to the Windows OSK when needed)
The skin doesnt force Touchscreen mode, so you can resize that (proportionaly), move it around when windowed etc.
This means that you need to choose if you need to see the Grid or the List view for the files, using the button you will see at the bottom right edge of the Songs List

Tip : Make sure the touchscreenmode setting is set to No (from Settings) or else you will get huge separator buttons :P

Enjoy !

Posted Thu 06 Aug 15 @ 3:16 am
Skin not Work @ Macbook.
I Download this Version but in VDJ it Shows the Old Version

Posted Tue 11 Aug 15 @ 8:11 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
didnt know Macs support touchscreens :P

Kidding :)
fixed, re-download please

Posted Tue 11 Aug 15 @ 8:30 pm
anybody tried this on a Surface Pro 3, can you please share your experience. i'm planning to get a windows tab for my back-up. thank you.

Posted Tue 11 Aug 15 @ 8:56 pm
genzo22Home userMember since 2004
I have an Acer Iconia on Windows 8.1 and fx pad don't work. When i touch the pad, nothing happens. The grid don't move. Somebody have an idea (sorry for my english, i'm french)

Posted Fri 14 Aug 15 @ 10:21 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
What is the software build number ?
Which Effect and which parameters are selected ?

Posted Fri 14 Aug 15 @ 4:15 pm
genzo22Home userMember since 2004
I use a HERCULES DJ AIR CONTROL, and the air control move the effect's grid correctly. But nothing with thé touchpad or the mouse.
Build 1949.790

Posted Fri 14 Aug 15 @ 7:44 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Well, your build is outdated. We are on 2378 ;)

Oh i see what you mean... lol
No, the mouse touchpad on your keyboard will not work (control anything).
the touchpad you see on the screen should work with touchscreens ;)

It should work with mouse if you update the build of the software to the latest one.

Posted Fri 14 Aug 15 @ 7:57 pm
genzo22Home userMember since 2004
I try both (mouse and touchscreen, my pc is hybrid, pc with screen Who becomes tablet) but nothing happens, It's ok only with my air sensor. I will try with the latest version.

Posted Fri 14 Aug 15 @ 8:46 pm
genzo22Home userMember since 2004
Well everything is ok with the Last version. New idea, Maybe have blocks for the beatgrid fx, Easier to use. It's just a suggestion ;-)

Posted Tue 18 Aug 15 @ 10:59 am
TatedjsPRO InfinityMember since 2008
I'm using it and really impressed me . It is very nice to look at and very useful . The 'll have in mind. Great work!

Posted Tue 25 Aug 15 @ 10:14 pm
can i get large load song to decks buttons on browser section?
cant drag and drop on my lenovo touch screen


Posted Tue 01 Sep 15 @ 3:56 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Why drag n drop doesnt work for you ?
If you have the MultitouchTwoFingerScroll setting to No, then you scroll with 1 finger and you need to drag the file from its cover in order to drag n drop it to a deck.
If you have the MultitouchTwoFingerScroll setting to Yes, then you scroll with 2 fingers and you can drag the file to a deck by touching that from any area.

MultitouchTwoFingerScroll is an Advanced Setting in Settings-->OPTIONS tab , so make sure the "Show advanced Options" is enabled.

Posted Tue 01 Sep 15 @ 8:33 pm
Hello! I loved this skin and your job! Is possible to create this skin for resolution 2048*1536? Is 4:3 Aspect ratio. Is for my table!!! Thanks!

Posted Mon 14 Sep 15 @ 7:10 pm
Whats new in 2.1 please? Thanks

Posted Tue 15 Sep 15 @ 12:13 pm
jdtexPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Molto interessante e molto intuitiva...veramente bella ...grazie

Posted Wed 16 Dec 15 @ 9:43 pm