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Topic: V8 but by FRUiT - Page: 35
Fruit wrote :
Can't you use the Browser Tweak app by DjDad for this ?

Unfortunately not.

djdad wrote :
The Fruit skin is having the browsers as <define> elements, and Browser Tweaks cant handle those at the moment.

Posted Tue 22 Aug 17 @ 5:38 pm
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Oh, yes that's true ^^ sorry lol

Posted Tue 22 Aug 17 @ 6:11 pm
Hi just wondering how can I make the track info font color to white so its easy to ready from a far (Time info next to waves)

Posted Tue 05 Sep 17 @ 8:08 pm
Hi Fruit, would just like to mention I have now used your skin on 7 weddings successfully.

The indicator for smart_play works fine (could be brighter, but, I can live with it).

I use it coupled with pitch_lock and pitch_reset when switching in and out of beat mixing, works great.

Once again thanks.


Posted Tue 05 Sep 17 @ 10:00 pm
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Thx for that feedback my friend. Cheers !

Posted Tue 10 Oct 17 @ 11:47 pm
Hi fruit i am new to your blog i would like to know if you could make a button to move downdeats as i have tried the one you already have and cannot manage to to map it to a controler thankyou

Posted Fri 10 Nov 17 @ 9:19 am
FruitPRO InfinityMember since 2003

Moving the downbeat on the beat grid with a controller is NOT dependant on the skin you are actually using. VDJ brings a few actions you can map to move cbg grid / downbeat such as "adjust_cbg".

"adjust_cbg" adjusts the beat grid. "adjust_cbg +2" moves the start bar ( < downbeat) from 4:4 by 2.

However, there are such preset buttons in my skin. Just below the 'TAP' gray button near the BPM value on the main screen layout (two little arrows). RIGHTCLICK these to move the downbeat, leftclick to move the grid slightly.

There's also a 'grid tools' widget in the controller layout of my skin to achieve that goal.

Cheers :)

Posted Sat 11 Nov 17 @ 3:33 pm
AsTheDJPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Fruit made this before they did.....Lol..Lol. Good JOD Dj

Posted Wed 14 Mar 18 @ 3:01 am
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