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Topic: Change Log and Bug Fixes - CURRENT BUILD 1785
BUILD 1752
  • Fix zipped karaoke files not showing up in playlists
  • 'backspin' action added
  • [Mac] Fix cursor in POI Editor
  • Fix search_log action
  • On first install, tracklistings from v7 are copied to history folder
  • cdg files renamed/copied when copying or renaming file from within vdj
  • [Mac] Fix sysexid controller detection when no vid/pid
  • [Mac] Option+Delete on mac to delete files from automix
  • Potential VST Crash fix
  • [Mac] Use 'Plugins64' folder on 64bit version instead of 'Plugins'
  • Fixed issue with Per-Controller licenses
  • Show plugin incompatible popup only when selected from drop down

BUILD 1759:
  • Fix filter folder endless loop crash
  • Option to hide liveFeedback
  • Logout ask for confirmation if no internet connection present
  • line_in action query works correctly with input number as parameter
  • deck select active can cycle through 4 decks like v7
  • Fix custom buttons with multiple actions selection
  • Disable line_in reloads previous song
  • Backspin effect added - n.b. for those with V7 effects still installed the new one is Backspin rather than backspin :-)
  • Beatgrid default grids added
  • Fixed Controller-License still showing popup message with valid license
  • Softer limiter for deck output
  • sampler_pad repeat fixed when used as keyboard
  • Reduce chance on audio drops when switching sample bank
  • Fix possible crash

BUILD 1761:
  • Use newer D3DX libraries when available
  • Ensure video window fits on screen in windowed mode
  • Fix drag&drop indicator when coverDrag is disabled
  • BrakeStart effect added
  • New action shift_all_cues
  • Video crossfader auto and link mutually exclusive

BUILD 1765:
  • Fix podcasting
  • Fix possible crash when reading corrupted wav tag
  • Fix potential crash in touch screen's context menu
  • Force context menu to stay on the same monitor
  • Modified EULA (allow broader use for multi-users or multi-computers)

BUILD 1772:
  • Fixed some native controllers definition didn't load properly
  • Changed priority of custom controller definitions ("force-xx.xml" > native > "xx.xml")
  • Fixed graphic for left timecode meter on default skins
  • Fixed cover artwork on Pioneer CDJ
  • Show memory errors on system tray instead of popup
  • Fixed various crashes

BUILD 1774:
  • autoupdate don't wait for next launch if nothing is playing
  • hide v7 plugins that are known to have compatibility issues
  • fix bug when modifying a factory mapper while a file "custom mapper" already existed
  • fix controller list in license panel
  • fix potential crashes

BUILD 1781:
  • fixed various crashes
  • fixed scs.1d motorized controllers
  • new config option keyDetection to choose between broad and electronic
  • exclusiveAudioAccess (ex 'wasapiSharedMode') now off by default
  • fixed timecode sometimes stopping when reaching the end of the disc
  • improved ansi support for reading playlists

BUILD 1782
  • fixed potential freeze when streaming CU content with b1781

BUILD 1785
  • fixed "stop" keeps the previous working cue in the list of cues to cycle through
  • fixed browser sort
  • switch pfl on timecode scratch
  • cdj9000/400 show correct icons on lcd display
  • controllers with sampler pad on both sides sync on master deck, not on their deck (unless samplerOutputToTriggerDeck is on)

Posted Tue 13 May 14 @ 10:27 am