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Topic: [NEW] [VDJ8] VDJ8 Pads (iPad)


Designed for iRemote to take advantage of the new sampler in Virtual DJ 8

- 16 Trigger Buttons
- Bank Select
- Play Mode (On/Off / Stutter / Unmute / Hold)
- Volume Control
- Output Select (Master or Headphones)

As always with my skins, i appreciate your thoughts and comments.
Thanks for looking and downloading!!

Posted Sun 11 May 14 @ 3:25 pm
Will it work on any/all iOS versions?

Posted Tue 13 May 14 @ 5:20 am
Just iPad at the moment.

Will look at an iPhone/iPodTouch version but the iRemote app needs updating to support iPhone 5 screen size and up.

Posted Tue 13 May 14 @ 5:57 am
What S/W build for the IPad ?

Posted Tue 13 May 14 @ 6:00 am
So long as iRemote runs then it should be fine.

Posted Tue 13 May 14 @ 6:04 am
That's what I was asking.

OK I'll give it a try.

Posted Tue 13 May 14 @ 6:28 am
Tried to add this today but VDJ stops working when I click on Change Remote Skin. Any thoughts and help most gratefully received?

Many thanks

Posted Mon 01 Jun 15 @ 7:04 am
Hello, I hope it does not bother the author, I take the liberty to translate and update the skin that I think is great and it works very well but it lacked the Spanish language and a touch of design, if the author authorizes me I upload it to google drive and I give the link

Posted Fri 27 Dec 19 @ 1:57 pm