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Topic: 30 second music play
I just bought the VDJ, I registered but only allows me to play 30 seconds of the songs, the message say that I need Full Netsearch streaming and it is available to premium members only and that my membership level is only for 30s, How can I fix this problem to take advantage of the package just bought?

Posted Thu 19 Dec 13 @ 10:45 pm
NetSearch/ContentUnlimited is an optional additional monthly subscription service that you will need to subscribe to if you wish to use it. Please see

You can play music from your own existing personal music collection without any limitations. To be able to find it when searching, you will need to add it to your VirtualDJ database first. Please see

We would recommend also reading the VirtualDJ user manual if you have not done so already:

Additional information including common problems and their solutions can also be found on our FAQ pages:

Posted Fri 20 Dec 13 @ 6:23 am