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Topic: need 101 in latency settings numark dj to go paired with djio
I have been spinning since the 70's but admit when I am lost and or clueless so I would like someone to give me a 101 lession on latency specific to my set up, while I have been using the denon 4500 and 500 mixer for years I wanted to play with the smaller numark dj to go for quicker set ups at on the monent shows.
I got the numark djio to use headphones and hook to house sound without using the laptops 1/8 jack,

Okay, in VDJ config I have it set none>headphones>asio driver.....ultra latency checked,
on the asio config tab the numark window opens and under audio latency settings you can pick from a range 49 samples to 1024 samples.
So where is the best place to set this?
Also on a low end easy to grasp way can you explain these settings and latency to me.

lastly when I try to adjust the setting it tends to crash VDJ and then I have to reopen the prog to see what effect the setting change had.

Many thanks!

Posted Mon 15 Jul 13 @ 8:24 pm
In general, you should set the latency as low as it will go without the sound breaking up or stuttering. You will normally need to close and re-open VirtualDJ for the change to take effect. How low you can set it will depend on your computer and whether it's been optimised for low latency and DJ performance. Please ensure that your computer is optimised:

You should not get a crash just by adjusting the latency. If this is causing a crash, then there is an underlying problem with your computer that needs to be resolved. Make sure that you have the latest drivers for the DJIO installed from Numark as well as the latest drivers and BIOS for your laptop from its manufacturer's website.

NOTE: Lower latency is normally only really of benefit to scratch DJ's or those who need near instant start. If you are not a scratch DJ or you are not mixing with external sources (E.g: Audio CD's and vinyl), then low latency will probably not be of any real benefit to you and will just be making your computer work more harder than necessary (Lower latency = Higher CPU usage.)

Posted Tue 16 Jul 13 @ 4:50 am
As you're already familiar with the Denon HC4500 that's a good place to start, as it uses ASIO drivers and has a latency adjustment.

Have a look at the Denon ASIO control panel and see what settings that has.

If the Denon works fine on your system then (in theory) so should the Numark DJIO.

Set the DJIO latency/buffer size to the same as the Denon is using, then adjust accordingly. If you get crackles/breakup then increase it.

Posted Tue 16 Jul 13 @ 5:48 am
Thanks guys, I do not scratch, I do goth, industrial, alternative etc so I do some back to back beat matching/mixing but nothing like a hip hop or house DJ would be doing,
the only gear I use will either be my 4500 or this little dj2go which btw is pretty slick for what it is,
Good idea, I will check the latency settings for my 4500 and try them with the dj2go/djio set up,
So it would seem in my case I could set latency a bit higher and free up cpu?

Posted Tue 16 Jul 13 @ 8:08 pm
Possibly, but beyond a certain point you'll start to notice the latency (delay between what you do & what you hear).

Posted Wed 17 Jul 13 @ 5:09 am